Saturday, 11 November 2017

Spitfyre: Gnome Pigeon de Guerre funded!

Well that's the Gnome Pigeon de Guerre caught and one will be sent to all Ace pledgers for free!

Pigeon de Guerre - one free to all Aces!
Pigeon de Guerre - one free to all Aces!
Next up something special, the big cousin of the KampfKondor 111 bomber, the KampfKondor 52 with its impressive 15cm wingspan, used by the Dwarves in all theatres of the Great Dwarven War to transport Fallschirmjäger troops into battle, most famously against the Gnome fortress at Edam Emmental...

The giant KampfKondor 52...
The giant KampfKondor 52...
The model will come complete with a section of Fallschirmjäger mounted on its back ready to deploy into battle against the Kaiser's enemies, providing you successfully escort it through the enemies fighter defences!
All Ace pledgers will receive one massive KampfKondor 52 for free if we reach £10,000 in pledges. The rules will also be extended to include the huge beast and how to land it amongst the enemy!

Spitfyre: Orc Defier Wyvern Funded...

Well that was an exciting day! You funded the first Spitfyre supplement Bats over Tôrg Baraz, the KriegAdler 110 Doppelmesser heavy fighters  and P11 War-Bat fighters that come with it and also the Defier Wyvern fighter with its unique rear facing weaponry - and one Defier will now be included for FREE in all ACE pledges!

Orc Defier fighter - now funded!
Orc Defier fighter - now funded!
So what next, well it's back to the Gnomes Aéronautique de Oiseuax Militaire and their frontline, but rather slow and obselete, Pigeon de Guerre bomber, whose brave crew flew missions in both the Tôrg Baraz and Branzhûm air campaigns as well as in defence of their homeland.

Gnome Pigeon de Guerre bomber
Gnome Pigeon de Guerre bomber
If we can reach £8,000 in pledges we will include one Pigeon de Guerre bomber for FREE in each ACE pledge. Sacre bleu!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Spitfyre: Bats Over Tôrg Baraz Funded!

Well that didn't take you long! It seems you are batty for Bats Over Tôrg Baraz! Thank you for your support. The supplement and its seven miniatures will be included alongside Spitfyre and the eleven miniatures that come with that for all Ace level pledgers!

Ok, so what's next? Well following the Dwarf invasion of Tôrg Baraz a "volunteer" force of Orc Air Force pilots flew to the Troglodyte realm to help fight the invading Dwarves. Alongside the Spitfyres and HurriKanes that headed north were a number of Defier wyverns, a rather unique air-beast with, literally, a sting its tail!

Rough concept sketch of Orc Defier wyvern
Rough concept sketch of Orc Defier wyvern
Noting this particular wyverns unique hunting habit of flying ahead of its prey and attacking with its venomous tail, the Orcs came up with the idea of incorporating the breed in the Orc Air Force, supplementing the wyverns natural weapon with a rear gunner firing four machine-guns. 
Defier tactics are to fly ahead of enemy bombers and then attack them in their typically unarmed front arc with their own rear facing weaponry. How successful was the Defier in combat? Well you'll have to wait and see...
Every Ace level pledger will receive one Defier wyvern and flying base for free if we reach £7000 in pledges...

Spitfyre: New Pledge Level and Supplement Announced

As promised here is details of the first Spitfyre supplement - Bats Over Tôrg Baraz!
The core of the supplement will be a set of campaign rules along with a scenario generator, but we will also look at the air campaign over, and under(!) the mountains of the Troglodyte homeland of Tôrg Baraz.

Like the basic game this will come with seven models - a flight of three KriegAdler 110 Doppelmesser heavy fighters (that have a two man crew allowing forward and rear firing) and a flight of four P11 War-Bat fighters manned by the Troglodytes. (please note the artwork is placement art and will be changed once our concept artists catch up with your enthusiasm!) 
After that we have three planned stretch goals for more free models that will ONLY included in the ACE pledge level.
The models from this supplement AND in the Pilot pledge can be used in both the Tôrg Baraz and Branzhûm air campaigns.
As we hadn't planned the first Spitfyre supplement until later next year, we will be unable to ship this until later in the year and are looking at a June fulfilment date.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Spitfyre: Towards New Skies...

When we came up with the idea for this year’s beer ’n’ pretzels Panzerfäuste game - an air combat game with dragons and war-eagles, we thought it was pretty cool. Initially the idea was to do something like Futbowel, a small set of rules with some miniatures - a flight of dragons and a flight of eagles.
We then thought, hey if we use Kickstarter we might be able to expand the range sightly with a few more cool models like the vulture dive bomber. So we drew up a list with four stretch goals that we thought, if we were lucky, we might just get through in a two week period - but as long as we got the vulture hey?
In just two and a half days you guys have blown us away with your enthusiasm and pledges and have funded all the planned stretch goals, thank you all so much.
So what are we going to do for the next eleven and a half days? 
Well, we’re going to head off for new skies and unveil the first planned Spitfyre supplement six months early! 
This will have to be an add-on (the current Pilot pledge gets over £60 of product for just £25), but the idea is that we will do the same approach again, a £25 set with three free model stretch goal add-ons (including the biggest model yet).
We’ll announce the details later and a new £50 pledge level for both the basic game set and the new supplement (and all stretch goals from both), hopefully giving Will a chance to do some sketches for it!
Once again, many, many thanks, you lot are brilliant…

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Spitfyre Dogfight Released!

Ok, Steve has stripped down the rules to the core basics taking out a lot of cool stuff like handler abilities, flaws and advantages, additional damage, additional manoeuvres, ground attack, ack-ack fire, additional airbeast stats etc etc, leaving you with a very stripped down set of rules to have a play with - Spitfyre Dogfight, which you can download for free from Wargame Vault right HERE!

 Have fun...

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Spitfyre: Dwarf Kampfkondor 111 Funded!

Another Stretch Goal passed! That was a slightly bigger leap, because it's a slightly bigger freebie!
Here's Will's fantastic concept art, until Darko manages to complete the 3D sculpt!

Kampfkondor 111 Condor Bomber
Kampfkondor 111 Condor Bomber

So all Pilot backers are now going to receive a Kampfkondor 111 miniature with their pledge for FREE!
Steve has worked out that you are now getting £60 worth of kit for a mere £25
So, what's up next? Well, some of you have asked about Gnomes, and here they are!
The Gnome Hawk Fighter will be unlocked if we hit £5000.

Gnome Aéronautique de Oiseuax Militaire Faucon fighter

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXVIII: Dwarf Schweinhundereite II

Now if you were worried that all the Hysterical love was going in the way of those little airbeasts don't fret, here are the remaining three Dwarf Schweinhundereite sculpted by Herb...

Next up, let's get him working on that Troglodyte mole tank eh?

Spitfyre: Orc HurriKane Fighter Funded!

Second Stretch Goal down! All Pilot backers in the Spitfyre Kickstarter will now get a FREE Orc HurriKane wyvern fighter and the rules expanded to include it!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Spitfyre: Dwarf KampfGeier Dive Bomber Funded!

Funded and first Stretch Goal down! All Pilot backers in the Spitfyre Kickstarter will now get a FREE Dwarf Vulture Dive Bomber and the rules expanded to include dive bombing!

Spitfyre Kickstarter Launched...

The Kickstarter for Spitfyre is now underway here...

(update: and funded! Thanks everyone!)

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Spitfyre: Dwarf Vulture Dive Bomber

The feared dive bomber of the Dwarf air force - the KampfGrier 87 vulture dive bomber...

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Spitfyre: Dwarf War-Eagle

The main fighter of the Dwarf air force - the KriegAdler 109 "Messer" war eagle...

Friday, 3 November 2017

Spitfyre Set For Take-Off!

As you may have seen on social media, our next, much teased, project is Spitfyre!

What is Spitfyre?
Spitfyre is an air wargame set in the world of Panzerfäuste. It features Dwarf piloted war-eagles and dive bomber vultures against the Orc piloted fighter wyverns. Typical games will see a player control one or two flights of air beasts, a flight normally consisting of three or four models.

What scale is it?
Unlike Panzerfäuste which is 28mm scale, we will be producing the Spitfyre miniatures in 10mm scale (1/200th). The wingspan of a fighter air beast is typically between 5 and 6cm across in this scale.

Why 10mm?
Two reasons, first off whilst 28mm scale models whilst looking visually impressive would cost a small fortune and you would need a very large playing area so that was not a practical solution.

Second, at some time in the future we would like to do an “epic” size Panzerfäuste game and felt that 10mm, given some races are smaller than a human (the 10mm measure) that it was a better around choice than 6mm (1/300th) - can you imagine a 6mm scale Gnome? Making the Spitfyre models the same scale as the future “epic” game was a logical decision so the models could be used in both.

Why are you running a Kickstarter for Spitfyre?
We didn’t plan to initially. The original idea was that we would release Spitfyre as our second annual “beer & pretzels” game in the Panzerfäuste universe, with a flight of three Orc Spitfyre dragons and a flight of four Dwarf War-Eagles and a small set of rules for them. However we got really excited about the idea and wanted to include some more of the ideas and designs that are in the Panzerfäuste background in this set, like the Dwarf Vulture dive bomber, so we thought a small Kickstarter would help see if our enthusiasm for the idea was shared by other gamers.

Additionally, for good or bad, Kickstarter is now the best way to launch a product, no matter how small. We didn’t use Kickstarter as a launch platform for Futbowel last year and despite it being a great game, popular with those who play it, it wasn’t as successful as we had hoped.

When does the Spitfyre Kickstarter start?
Spitfyre takes to the skies on Kickstarter on the evening of Monday 6th November for two weeks.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXVII: Dwarf Schweinhundereite

It may seem all quiet on the Hysterical front but in the trenches the fight goes on. 
Steve's focus is currently on the skirmish rules, he's just waiting on some final feedback from our playtesting group then can get the writing finished. On the sculpting front Herb has managed to finish the Dwarf Schweinhundereite Uhlans. Unfortunately he had to rush out before he could send through pictures of all four of the sculpts, but here is the one he did send through to whet your appetite...

As soon as we get the others we will let you see them.
Now you may have seen on the Hysterical Facebook page references to our new annual beer 'n' pretzels game release aka #secretproject - the big reveal on exactly what this is and what it is about etc will be next Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for that...

Friday, 1 September 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXVI: Dwarf Fallschirmjäger

Dropping into action behind enemy lines, on the backs of huge KampfKondor, come the Dwarf airborne troops - the Fallschirmjäger!

These were the most popular "add-on" Kickstarter unit and we are really pleased with the job Darko has done on them.

He's now working on something for the Gnomes and our new top secret beer 'n' pretzels game which should be out for Hognachtswatch!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXV: Gnome Chasseurs Alpin

Well the Dwarf Gebirgsjäger can't expect to climb every mountain without meeting some resistance and in the Gnomelands this comes in the form of the elite Chasseurs Alpins!

As you may recall from the Kickstarter, this pack is a demi-section of four goat-mounted and four dismounted Chasseurs...

Darko has done such a lovely job on these that Rob has asked him to sculpt another demi-section of Chasseurs Alpin, including a lmg, so you can field a complete section in your games. These will be available for purchase after the completion of Wave 3B.

We think Gnome players will love having these specialist troopers in their army and we are looking forward to painting up a unit as soon as they are cast.

So what's next? Well Darko is a half way through the next unit, one that proved very, very popular in the Kickstarter pledges... What are they? Well watch the skies!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXIV: Dwarf Gebirgsjäger

Hot on the heels of the Orc Highlanders come the hard as nails Dwarf Mountain troops - the Gebirgsjäger!
Now whilst every Dwarf is at home inside a mountain, the specialist Gebirgsjäger are equally at home on their icy treacherous slopes giving the Dwarf army a huge tactical advantage on hostile mountainous battlefields...

We think you'll agree with us that Darko has done a great job sculpting another great unit for Panzerfäuste, full of wonderful character and detail, which is good news as we are getting him to work on the Gnome Chaseurs du Alpin next!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXIII: Orc Highlanders

Good news on Kickstarter completion, there are only 4 parcels are left to ship of Wave 3A and that we've already made big steps into getting Wave 3B made.
On the topic of Wave 3B  the Highland Orcs have been sculpted and we think you will agree Rafael has done a cracking job on what the Dwarves call "Orcs in skirts!" - right up until they get decapitated by the Highlanders claymores...

Hope you like them as much as we do here at Hysterical Games. We wanted them to have a very martial vibe, charging into battle to engage their enemies in hand to hand combat and we think Rafael has done the job!
The Dwarf Gebirgsjäger aren't too far behind, just a couple more to be sculpted so keep your eyes peeled for an update very soon.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXII: Gebirgsjäger and Highlanders...

We are all so excited in Hysterical Towers that we are going to share with you a couple of work in progress pics...
The Dwarf Gebirgsjäger...

Dwarf Mountain Trooper
Dwarf Mountain Trooper
 And the Orc Highlanders...

Orc Highlander Charging
Orc Highlander Charging
Now these are works in progress and a number of corrections need to be made, but we couldn't resist showing you these awesome looking 3D WIP renders!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXI: Bogglez-wûrf and Koschei the Deathless...

As many of you marvel at your Wave 3A miniatures, work continues at Hysterical HQ on Wave 3B so here is a quick update for you...
Orc Squadron Leader Bogglez-wûrf 

Squadron Leader Bogglez-wûrf
Squadron Leader Bogglez-wûrf
The famous Orc Air Force Squadron Leader Bogglez-wûrf, a legend in his own lunchtime, has now been sculpted and comes with his life saving brolly (read G2 issue one for that story).
Remember he comes free with Sergeant level pledges or above so lots of you will be getting your Bogglez for free!
Count Koschei the Deathless

Count Koschei the Deathless
Count Koschei the Deathless
The infamous Dark Elf necromancer who raised the Deathless and introduced a whole plethora of new horrors onto The Land.
This sculpt of the Count is a Kickstarter exclusive, won't all your non-backer friends be so jealous of you? :-)
Lots more work going on behind the scenes, the Dwarf Mountain Troops and Orc Highlanders should be the next sets sculpted, so please bear with us and don't forget to share pictures of your painted miniatures on the Panzerfäuste Facebook Group, we love to see them!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXX: Orc Warlord Chûrg-ill

Just a quick update to show you the 3D render of Orc Warlord Chûrg-ill giving the traditional Orc two-fingered salute, which Herb has just finished...

Pretty awesome eh?
More soon...

Friday, 14 April 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXIX: Wave Two Complete and Salute 2017...

April is the busiest period in the wargaming calendar for a vast number of wargames businesses, especially those based in the UK. All because of Salute, the premier Miniature Wargaming show at Excel, in London, which is this weekend.

We’re there (well, some of us anyway - Vince, Elliot, Allan, Hannah and Rob) on stand TC17! Come and say hello! 

Our last update was 2 months ago (That crept up!) and we apologise for the silence since then. Rest assured, we’ve kept ourselves very busy, collecting more equipment, hiring more staff and generally expanding. This has provided a mixture of heartache and epic success in the period (from poor batches of Silicone Rubber, to new equipment not working properly, to reprinting the same unit 7 times due to being scaled incorrectly)… 
Wave 2 is COMPLETE

All Wave 2 parcels are shipped. It’s now time to start WAVE 3. 
We want to start shipping things as soon as possible, so this week we will start to ship out what we are calling Wave 3A. Wave 3B will ship as soon as the final elements are complete.  
Something I need to be very clear on is that Wave 3A is going to EVERY SINGLE BACKER. So if you opted for Wave shipping, you’re getting a parcel. If you opted for shipping it all in one shipment, you’re getting Wave 3A early. We are going to cover the cost of shipping for Wave 3A ourselves, so you won’t have a Paypal invoice from us to cover your Wave 3A shipments. 

Here is what is available as part of Wave 3A (apologies for lack of pictures, we are so busy, not had time!):

  • Orc Command Set 
  • Orc Support Set 
  • Orc Fomori Brute 
  • Orc Infantry Section 
  • Orc Commando Section 
  • Local Orc Volunteer Section 
  • Orc Matilda War-Wyrm War-Beast 
  • Kaiser Alberich (KS Exclusive) 
  • Hanzi, the Kaiser’s Cat (KS Exclusive) 
  • Dwarf Command Set 
  • Dwarf Support Set 
  • Dwarf Zinn Mann Brute 
  • Dwarf Grenadiers Section 
  • Dwarf Straftruppen Section 
  • Dwarf Panzerbär War-Beast 
  • Gnome Command Set 
  • Gnome Support Set 
  • Gnome Ghul Brute (KS Exclusive) 
  • Gnome Ghul Brute (Standard “Retail” Version) 
  • Gnome Voltigeurs Section 
  • Gnome Gasteroportes Troop 
  • Troglodyte Command Set 
  • Troglodyte Support Set 
  • Troglodyte Wojtek Brute 
  • Troglodyte Infantry Section 
  • Troglodyte Gorales Section 
  • Troglodyte Ulani Troop 
  • Deathless Command Set 
  • Deathless Support Set 
  • Deathless Nezhit Troll Brute (KS Exclusive) 
  • Deathless Nezhit Troll Brute (Standard “Retail” Version) 
  • Deathless Dark Elf Zombi Horde 
  • Deathless Dwarf Zombi Horde 
  • Skogtroll Gevarstropp Rifle Demi-Section 
  • Skogtroll Gevarstropp LMG Demi-Section 
  • All Gnome Terrain 
  •  All Troglodyte Terrain 
  • Messenger Bags 
  • Backpacks 
We start shipping this week and expect all shipments to be completed by the middle of May. We are going to try and organise all the UK shipments first, then the rest of Europe, then the rest of the world.

If you want to collect at Salute, please email us (Don’t use the messenger function on Kickstarter!) on by WEDNESDAY MORNING 10:00 AM UK time.

 All of these items (except Kickstarter Exclusives) will also be available to buy at Salute. We have very limited numbers available, as we have manufactured all the stock we need to ship Wave 3A. We have a few leftovers to take to the show, roughly 10-15 of each unit. 
We will also make these available to Pre-Order on our website on this coming Saturday. They will not ship until the end of May.

Haben Sie Einen Weissbier Auf Uns!

Another announcement is that we have a Salute exclusive figure! 
Here’s a quick snapshot from the 3D software to show what he looks like. 

This characterful model, sculpted by Heriberto Valle Martinez and Irek Zielinski, will be cast in Pewter and will be free with all purchases at Salute or on our website over the weekend (22nd/23rd April) of £100 or more.
Alternatively, you can purchase him for £15 during the course of the show or on our webstore on Saturday 22nd April and Sunday 23rd April. 

What's Next
So up next we are just about to start 3D printing the Deathless Kazak, Herb is on the Schweinhundereite, Steve and Matthew are still finalising the Skirmish game rules, and Rob is still rolling out kinks in the Mass Battle Rules after doing some playtesting and realising some huge issues he had overlooked!