Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Post-Kickstarter Update XLIII: Gnome Fusiliers Marins

The duck continues to paddle under the water and today here are the latest unit to be sculpted - Les Fusiliers Marins (aka Gnome Naval Infantry). These will add a splash of colour and esprit d'corp to any Gnome army...

I think you'll agree they are another great looking unit that will look super on the tabletop. 
Darko is now working on the character figures from the Field Marshall pledges so hopefully we will have something to show here very soon.
Regarding the rulebooks Steve is still writing (and writing and writing...), it is mainly the background material now, but it has taken on a life of its own and become something of a beast. More on this asap.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Spitfyre Update V: PDF Rulebook Issued...

The PDF edition of our new game Spitfyre: Eagles over Branz-Hûm is now available to buy at Wargames Vault...

Monday, 9 April 2018

Spitfyre Update IV: Pilot Pledges Shipping!

The rulebook has gone to print and we will be starting shipping the first Pilot pledges later this week!

This means we will be closing the Pledge Manager on Wednesday, so if you haven't got around to completing it you need to hurry up!

The PDF version of the rulebook will be sent to Erk pledgers and above later in the week.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Spitfyre Kickstarter Update III: Von Stalheim

The rulebook is now 95% finished. Dave and Matthew gave their feedback, Steve tweaked the document and this week DTP'd it for publication. The only thing left now for the rulebook is to include the photos and Rob has now sent Steve a pile of models to make up, paint and photograph!
86% of pledges have now been completed via the Pledge Manager which is great. Just a gentle reminder at this stage to the remaining 14% not to forget to complete it.
Finally, Darko has sculpted a 28mm scale model of Dwarf Luftbest pilot von Stalheim - the legendary foe of Orc wyvern ace Bogglez. 

Whilst he has no real gaming value in Spitfyre, he is a lovely model and will be released when we launch the game after the Kickstarter fulfilment which is getting nearer by the day!

Post-Kickstarter Update XLII: Marszałek-Trogi Swaróg

Herb has finished sculpting Troglodyte Warlord Marszałek-Trogi Swaróg and we think you'll agree he looks like he'll give those invading Dwarves something to think about as he leads the brave Troglodyte army in the defence of its homeland.

Next up, exciting news for Gnome generals. Herb has started work on the much anticipated Gnome snail tank and Darko is close to finishing the Gnome Fusiliers Marins, naval troops who stand alongside the Voltigeurs against the might Dwarven war machine rampaging across the mushroom fields of Dûn-Nomin. Hopefully not too long until we can show you these.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Post-Kickstarter Update XLI: Gnome Crown Prince Kaliko

A little update today in the form of Gnome Crown Prince Kaliko of the Principality of Dûn-Nomin and leader of the Grand Quartier Chef de la Guerre at the time of the Dwarvish invasion.

A lovely sculpt by Darko and one that will inspire all Gnomish forces on the tabletop in their efforts to resist the Dwarven aggressors!
Herb is currently putting the finishing touches to the Troglodyte warlord Marszałek-Trogi Swaróg , so keep your eyes peeled for an update on him soon...

Friday, 26 January 2018

Post-Kickstarter Update XL: Kret Bitwa 3TK War Mole

A treat for Troglodyte generals today, the Kret Bitwa 3TK War Mole!
The War Mole is a really cool addition to the Trog army and its ability to tunnel under enemy lines and burst out amongst its enemies gives them a big tactical edge in battle.

This impressive model has taken Herb some time to finish, sometimes translating a piece of concept art into a 3D model is not as straight forward as it might seem, but I think you'll agree he has done a lovely job here.

The model itself is a bit larger than we originally anticipated so we will probably end up selling them individually for around £18 to £25, but if you selected them in the pledge manager you will get your two for £22 as promised.

Next up for Herb will be the Gnome snail tank, this is proving to be a little problematical taking it from concept to model but we will get there. Darko is also working on something for the Gnomes.

Steve is still working on the Skirmish rules and hopes to put these to bed by the end of February.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Spitfyre Kickstarter Update II: Pledge Manager Live

The Pledge Manager is live now, on CROWDOX.

Please make sure to check your emails, you will have received an email from them asking for you to fill the Pledge Manager in! Make sure to check your Junk Emails too!
If you have accidentally deleted the email, I can send you another invite very quickly, just with the click of a button. 
Also worth noting that the Pledge Manager will close towards the end of February. Yes, we know that we said we would ship by the end of January, but we faaaar exceeded all expectations so we are now busting ourselves to try and get it to start shipping in March (for the Core set) and July/August for the Expansion set. 
There's a few points I have to make: 
1) We are aware that there is an issue with Erk pledgers being charged postage when they are just wanting a PDF. We will get this resolved as soon as we can! Basically, we need it to charge postage if you order any physical add-ons.
2) Ace Pledgers paid for postage through Kickstarter, so will not be charged Postage in the Pledge Manager, unless they opt for Split Shipments. 
3) You can opt for Split Shipments! This is an add-on you can select. You pay for this, in addition to the standard postage charge, to receive your Wave 1 (the Core set and/or associated add-ons) before your Wave 2 (Expansion set and/or associated add-ons).
4) We unlocked the Dwarf Storch straight away! It's added to the Bats over Torg-Baraz expansion for free, but you can also buy it as an add-on. 
5) We are offering both full flights and 'reinforcement packs' as add-ons. You can select an add-on pack to turn your free airbeasts into full flights. 
If you do have any issues with the functionality of the Pledge Manager, please feel free to contact the folks at CrowdOx, you can also contact us at hystericalgamesorders@gmail.com, but it's actually more likely CrowdOx will be able to advise you! 
If you want to know something about the game world, miniatures, the actual product, etc - contact us on hystericalgamesorders@gmail.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Just be advised we're a small team and it can sometimes take up to a week to respond to an email (sorry!). 
Production Progress
We're progressing very well, we have now made enough of the Kampfgeier to fulfil the Kickstarter with no extra add ons, we have 3D sculpted, 3D printed and started casting every single model for the Core Box and associated add-ons/freebies. Other models are progressing well with production too, namely the Hurrikane and the War-Eagle. Our sculptor, Darko, is back to work on the last few units for our Panzerfäuste Kickstarter (with the help of Heriberto Valle Martinez, of Märchen Studio in Mexico, who is also tackling some of the last units). We expect he'll get back to sculpting the last Spitfyre models fairly soon though. 
Once we have some of the castings assembled, we will get them photographed and upload some pictures (honestly, Steve is waiting for Rob to send him some from the Workshop!). 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXIX: Dwarf Sturmtruppen

First off can we wish you a Happy New Year!
Secondly thanks for your patience. We are like ducks below the waterline paddling away, please have trust in us, we're almost at the finish line!

The Dwarf Sturmtruppen have now been sculpted and with Rob for printing. This has taken a little longer than more straight forward sculpts with poor Darko having to try and sculpt the vision of these Steve had in his head! We think he's done an amazing job!

The Sturmtruppen are a unit inspired by both the Great War Stosstruppen and high fantasy Dwarves and we have tried to reach some balance in the concept of that in the designs.

Hope you like these, we should have something else to show off to you in the next week from Herb that will please all the Trog fans...

Keep 'fäustin...

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Spitfyre Kickstarter Update I: Manufacturing Underway

We hope you have had an enjoyable festive period, we certainly have! 
Apologies for the relative silence, we decided to take a well earned break and are due back in the office on the 3rd of January. Regardless of that, we thought it would be a great opportunity to get in touch with you all and let you know the progress of our project! 
Manufacturing Progress
So all of the figures for our first wave (the Starter Set and all unlocked freebies that come with that set) are 3D rendered, 3D printed and have made their way into Master Moulds. The next step will be to start making Production moulds and casting the miniatures to fulfil the first wave of shipments. 
Worth pointing out that we played around with the Wings on the Wyverns and we think they better represent their historical counterparts! 
Please also be advised that these are master castings, which we will use to make production moulds. There may be some variation in terms of placement of the supporting rods, to aid better casting, etc. 

Orc Spitfyre
Orc Spitfyre

Orc HurriKane
Orc HurriKane

Dwarf Kampfkondor Bomber
Dwarf Kampfkondor Bomber

Close up of the Kondor's Bombs
Close up of the Kondor's Bombs

A feat of digital sculpting ingenuity! The Dwarf crew of the Kampfkondor!
A feat of digital sculpting ingenuity! The Dwarf crew of the Kampfkondor!
Having finished the first wave of sculpts, Darko is now back to sculpting the last few units and characters for our Panzerfäuste Kickstarter before resuming work on this one. Any backers for Panzerfäuste should be prepared to see some more visual progress on that project too! 
...No Battle Plan ever survives contact with the Enemy...
...and I don't mean the Coventry-based popular music group... Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there has been a little stumbling point beyond our control and, in the interest of open and honest communication, we thought we should tell you. Dice.co.uk are the UK and Europe’s main supplier of gaming components, including many of the plastic bases you will get from other manufacturers. They have been supplying flyings stands for a good number of years and well, sadly, their mould tool for the Flying Stands has broken and they have been out of stock for quite some time now. We have calculated that we’ll need roughly 10,000 flying stands, so we have been added to their queue of people waiting to get them. 
I cannot stress enough that we have costed the Kickstarter around these particular bases, at a price previously agreed with them so, although we would appreciate any suggestions you may have, please understand there may well be other reasons than ‘we don’t like them’ that we decide to not go with your suggestion. 
We will, of course, keep you in the loop with this. If it's clear the original plan has completely fallen on it's face, then we will absolutely make sure to find another solution.
Pledge Manager
We have been promising you that for some time and I am very pleased to announce that we have finally signed an agreement with Crowdox after a shining review of their service from our good industry friends, Warploque Miniatures. Given that both Steve and Rob have used Crowdox before, we both believe it is a very smooth and simple service that will make it very easy to see what options will be available. Right now, we are working on populating the Pledge Manager with products, getting the images sorted and making sure all is well. 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Panzerfäuste: Der Hogsnachtswatchmann

We currently have a deal on our webstore that, if you spend over £25.00, you get the Hogsnachtswatchmann Dwarf (an £8.00 model) totally free! 
This is available until the 31st of January. If you have yet to explore the world of Panzerfäuste, this might just be the way to do it. Visit the Hysterical Games Webstore for more information!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Spitfyre Funded and More!

Well, that's it folks. Spitfyre is completely funded, the Kickstarter has been a massive success!

Just how much of a success has it been?

You guys loved the project so much, that we made ELEVEN TIMES our target goal. 
We have MORE BACKERS than our original Panzerfäuste project, to all of our new supporters, welcome to our little corner of madness!
We need to manufacture at least 1,032 Resin Dwarf War Eagles (eek!)
We need to manufacture roughly 4,734 Airbeasts in total (eeeek!)
We are massively pleased with how quickly support for Spitfyre has come about. In all honesty, we designed this, initially, to be a spin-off and one-off release. Now we have a whole bunch of different Airbeast models, an expansion pack and plans to release a whole lot more stuff on-going. 
Speaking of which...
Rob and Steve are going to start working on the Pledge Manager fairly soon (please bear with us, Pledge Managers are actually one of the hardest parts to handle for a Kickstarter project! Right now we don't know our timeline for it!). We received a few messages from folk saying that they would really like to have hit our final £12,000 stretch goal. Well, if we get another 10 Pilot Pledges to upgrade to Ace Pledges, then we will unlock the £12,000 Storch freebie model. We'll keep you up to date with whether this will be happening!
We are also still busy behind the scenes. Our, very talented and absolutely awesome, sculptor, Darko, has been working on the last few 3D models for the Starter Box and all associated Stretch Goals, which are coming along wonderfully. The Kampfkondor is a real treat, but we'll hold fire for now until we've pinned it down. Hopefully you'll see that soon. 
Will Beck, equally awesome and talented, has come back to us today with the initial concept sketches for the Kriegadler 110 War-Eagle and the Trog Bats which you will receive in the Torg-Baraz Expansion Set. 

Thank you all again for your support. From the depths of our hearts, it means everything to us to see people band together and bang the drum for projects like this one. We'll be back soon with more updates once the dust settles. 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Spitfyre: Troglodyte Mara 23 Bat Light Bomber

Your relentless hunting down of stretch goals shows no sign of stopping, thank you for all your support. The latest Stretch Goal to fall was the Troglodyte Mara 23 Bat Light Bomber - all ACE pledgers will now receive on free in their rewards!

Troglodyte Mara 23 - one free to all Aces!
Troglodyte Mara 23 - one free to all Aces!
Whilst the Trogs use the Mara for both bombing and reconnaissance missions, the Dwarves utilise giant storks for the latter, with their ability to fly extremely slowly and land/take-off in extremely short distances. The Dwarves have found that their Storch 156 not only ideal for reconnaissance but also great for inserting spies behind enemy lines, anti-partisan missions against the Troglodytes and even rescuing imprisoned rat dictators! Whilst the Storch 156 is not going to shoot down many enemy air beasts, it opens up a whole world of scenario and mission ideas for Spitfyre gamers...

Dwarf Storch 156 - the next Stretch Goal!
Dwarf Storch 156 - the next Stretch Goal!
If we manage to reach £12,000 by the close of the Kickstarter this evening, all ACE pledgers will have one free Storch 156 added to their rewards along with all the other freeebies...

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Spitfyre: Dwarf KampfKondor 52 funded!

The Dwarf KampfKondor 52 transport Stretch Goal was unlocked this morning and all ACE pledgers will have one included into their reward - the largest model in the range to date!

KampfKondor 52 funded - one free to all Aces!
KampfKondor 52 funded - one free to all Aces!
So what next? Well there have been a number of requests for another airbeast for the Troglogytes so if we can reach £11,000 in funding in the next day and a half we will include one Mara 23 Bat Light Bomber in every ACE pledge.

The next Ace stretch goal - the Mara 23 light bomber!
The next Ace stretch goal - the Mara 23 light bomber!
We were discussing the Tôrg Baraz campaign at the Warfare show yesterday and the air battles fought in the huge caverns under the Tôrg Mountains, and we will be including rules for obstacles (like cavern walls, stalagmites and stalactites) and what happens if you don't manage to fly around them!

Monday, 13 November 2017


As we are in that "phoney war" middle period of a Kickstarter when it goes a little bit quiet as we make slow but steady progress towards the next stretch goal, we thought you might like to know that the electronic music that plays with the Kickstarter video was recorded by Steve's son and is available to stream or download for free here.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Spitfyre: Gnome Pigeon de Guerre funded!

Well that's the Gnome Pigeon de Guerre caught and one will be sent to all Ace pledgers for free!

Pigeon de Guerre - one free to all Aces!
Pigeon de Guerre - one free to all Aces!
Next up something special, the big cousin of the KampfKondor 111 bomber, the KampfKondor 52 with its impressive 15cm wingspan, used by the Dwarves in all theatres of the Great Dwarven War to transport Fallschirmjäger troops into battle, most famously against the Gnome fortress at Edam Emmental...

The giant KampfKondor 52...
The giant KampfKondor 52...
The model will come complete with a section of Fallschirmjäger mounted on its back ready to deploy into battle against the Kaiser's enemies, providing you successfully escort it through the enemies fighter defences!
All Ace pledgers will receive one massive KampfKondor 52 for free if we reach £10,000 in pledges. The rules will also be extended to include the huge beast and how to land it amongst the enemy!

Spitfyre: Orc Defier Wyvern Funded...

Well that was an exciting day! You funded the first Spitfyre supplement Bats over Tôrg Baraz, the KriegAdler 110 Doppelmesser heavy fighters  and P11 War-Bat fighters that come with it and also the Defier Wyvern fighter with its unique rear facing weaponry - and one Defier will now be included for FREE in all ACE pledges!

Orc Defier fighter - now funded!
Orc Defier fighter - now funded!
So what next, well it's back to the Gnomes Aéronautique de Oiseuax Militaire and their frontline, but rather slow and obselete, Pigeon de Guerre bomber, whose brave crew flew missions in both the Tôrg Baraz and Branzhûm air campaigns as well as in defence of their homeland.

Gnome Pigeon de Guerre bomber
Gnome Pigeon de Guerre bomber
If we can reach £8,000 in pledges we will include one Pigeon de Guerre bomber for FREE in each ACE pledge. Sacre bleu!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Spitfyre: Bats Over Tôrg Baraz Funded!

Well that didn't take you long! It seems you are batty for Bats Over Tôrg Baraz! Thank you for your support. The supplement and its seven miniatures will be included alongside Spitfyre and the eleven miniatures that come with that for all Ace level pledgers!

Ok, so what's next? Well following the Dwarf invasion of Tôrg Baraz a "volunteer" force of Orc Air Force pilots flew to the Troglodyte realm to help fight the invading Dwarves. Alongside the Spitfyres and HurriKanes that headed north were a number of Defier wyverns, a rather unique air-beast with, literally, a sting its tail!

Rough concept sketch of Orc Defier wyvern
Rough concept sketch of Orc Defier wyvern
Noting this particular wyverns unique hunting habit of flying ahead of its prey and attacking with its venomous tail, the Orcs came up with the idea of incorporating the breed in the Orc Air Force, supplementing the wyverns natural weapon with a rear gunner firing four machine-guns. 
Defier tactics are to fly ahead of enemy bombers and then attack them in their typically unarmed front arc with their own rear facing weaponry. How successful was the Defier in combat? Well you'll have to wait and see...
Every Ace level pledger will receive one Defier wyvern and flying base for free if we reach £7000 in pledges...

Spitfyre: New Pledge Level and Supplement Announced

As promised here is details of the first Spitfyre supplement - Bats Over Tôrg Baraz!
The core of the supplement will be a set of campaign rules along with a scenario generator, but we will also look at the air campaign over, and under(!) the mountains of the Troglodyte homeland of Tôrg Baraz.

Like the basic game this will come with seven models - a flight of three KriegAdler 110 Doppelmesser heavy fighters (that have a two man crew allowing forward and rear firing) and a flight of four P11 War-Bat fighters manned by the Troglodytes. (please note the artwork is placement art and will be changed once our concept artists catch up with your enthusiasm!) 
After that we have three planned stretch goals for more free models that will ONLY included in the ACE pledge level.
The models from this supplement AND in the Pilot pledge can be used in both the Tôrg Baraz and Branzhûm air campaigns.
As we hadn't planned the first Spitfyre supplement until later next year, we will be unable to ship this until later in the year and are looking at a June fulfilment date.