Saturday, 14 November 2015

Post-Kickstarter Update I

Payment issues 

 We've got quite a few backers who's payments have been declined for one reason or another. We *must* ask that you guys check this out. If this is the case, you have been alerted to the issue via PM. Otherwise, no need to worry. Please keep in mind that this project is helping fund a small, growing company. Every penny really does count and, sadly, some of the larger pledges are ones which have not gone through. This would ultimately leave us no choice but to backtrack on a few of the stretch goals. Of course, no doom or gloom yet, I have every faith that we will get it sorted! 


It's been a hectic week, but we don't have all that much to show for it just yet. The funds from Kickstarter do not come in immediately, but instead after a week or so - so that has sort of put a halt to the progress on some of the work. However, we have got the ball rolling elsewhere. 3D Printing We have approached 4 companies, sadly, 1 company has said that our miniatures are simply too complex to print and would not be worth their time to fix them up. On the otherhand, 2 others are moving forwards with printing for us. The plan is to get the following pieces printed in the immediate future (their print queues allowing). 

- Orc Command Set 
- Orc Support Set 
- Dwarf Command Set 
- Dwarf Support Set (Pending finalising of sculpts, no aesthetic changes) 
- Dwarf Grenadiers (Resized to be slightly bigger) 
- Gnome Command (Pending finalising of sculpts, no aesthetic changes) 
- Gnome Support (Pending finalising of sculpts, no aesthetic changes) 
- Orc Matilda I War-Wyrm (Pending finalising of sculpt) 

We have the following units already printed: 

- Orc Commandos 
- Orc Infantry 
- Gnome Voltigeurs 
- Dwarf Grenadiers (Rejected models, not being used) 

Which leads me onto... 


Most of you are aware that we will be handling the Mouldmaking and Casting for this project ourselves. This means that we will be able to create products of a fantastic quality, as well as provide the best service we can when it comes to replacement parts. In the long run, it will allow us to provide all manner of special services too. A local company has kindly allowed me access to their equipment from time to time until I get fully set up. With that in mind, tomorrow, I intend to put all of the models, that I can, into moulds. This process takes around 24 hours (pouring, waiting for it to set and cutting); but I will keep you up to date on that. In terms of materials we're using, I got rather excited yesterday when a large box of samples arrived from one of the suppliers! I've got lots of new products to test out. If it doesn't work, I'll go to the reliable materials that I am already aware of. 


We currently have sculptors working on the following items: 

- Orc Matilda War Wyrm (Alternate Head, Optional Tank Commander and slight resize) 
- Bogglez-Wurf (Guest miniature by Patrick Keith of Bombshell Miniatures (we expect a short delay on this)) 
- Dwarf Panzerbär (Seeing as the cost has been covered, we figured it was important!) 
- The Kaiser's Cat (Sculpted by Alex Huntley of Warploque Miniatures) 

Playtest Rules

The team are currently working on finalising a few things, specifically, the way Magick Cards and Shared Magick (Now 'Theatre of War' Cards) work in the Mass Battle game. We are going to run a few test sessions and then will upload a printer friendly version of the game. We have decided that there is no point doing the layout in InDesign until the rules for both systems really are fine tuned. 

Pledge Manager 

We've already had a couple of requests for the Pledge Manager! Please keep calm, we are waiting until early next year (probably end of January) for this, as we understand that the Holiday Period is coming up and that is a tough time for everyone's wallets! 

Wave Shipping 

Our aim is still to offer Wave Shipping in 3 waves. However, we (Hysterical Games) need to meet up to discuss the details of what we plan to include in each wave. Of course, the intention is that once a wave is shipped, any items that were sent in that wave and are not exclusive to Kickstarter will be available to purchase from our website. Stretch Goals in the Pledge Manager? We hope to do this too! However, straight from the off, there might be a few little surprises. Nothing huge, just some cool bits and pieces we have thought of. 

Now then, I'm pretty sure that covers just about everything... If you have any questions, please shoot them our way!

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