Friday, 20 November 2015

Post-Kickstarter Update II: Gnome Miniatures, Swarog, Koschei and Dwarf Uhlan

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this Update, but I have all the information I want to publish available now, so figured why not update you all as soon as possible! 


So what's happened this week? I spent a bit of time mouldmaking this week. Sadly, not having my own space to do it set up yet, I haven't got loads done; but the Gnome Voltigeurs have their first mould made. Here's the resultant casts (Note: The Grenade Launcher snapped off in the mould, but this is fine now). 

Apologies for the poor photo quality! I'm not a photographer at all! A 'proper' photographer will get the photos sorted as soon as, but I built these (rather excitedly) this morning and *had* to get a photo. 

I'm going to get them painted up in WW2 French Infantryman colours, though they would work in WW1 Horizon Blue, or even the WW2 Chasseurs a'Pied colour scheme with Dark Blue trousers... Or you could, of course, make it up! But I'm a purist! 


Gregor has been busy finishing off various bits of artwork and throwing some colours on them. 

Battle-Lord Swarog got coloured in a bit (it's unfinished!) and he has given Koschei the Deathless a body! 

This week also saw the return of Piotr, one of our original Illustrators, to the fore. He was away having eye-surgery and I want to give him a warm welcome once again as his artwork is bloomin' beautiful! I can't show his new piece, as it shows our elusive 6th faction off... ...ahhhhh bugger it, go on then. (Carefully cropped...) 

3D Printing

We've also made some progress with 3D printing. Prodos have completed the Orc Command Team, which are currently being cleaned up before shipping over. I should have photos early next week if all goes to plan. A good friend of mine is studying 3D Printing in Stockholm, so has offered to help with some printing as well. He is working his way through the Dwarf Command, which are almost complete. We're hoping they will be printed by the end of next week. Once these all arrive, I'll be sticking them in moulds, getting them built and getting them painted too! This side of Christmas will be spent getting as many of the Wave 1 items sorted; then, in the new year, I'll be casting like a mad-man! 3D Sculpting We've had some progress with the Panzerbär! Of course, it's just the bear (without his fur coat!), but still pretty cool to see.

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