Saturday, 28 November 2015

Post-Kickstarter Update III: Commandos, Snail House, Gebirgsjäger and Gorale

Just a quick one to sum up the past week at Hysterical Games - what we've been up to and anything else we can share at this stage!

It's still early days - however, the great news is that we have had the funds come in from Kickstarter (your pledges!) and we have finally started being able to really invest. Firstly, we've paid off for all the work done prior to the Kickstarter; and we have been buying the equipment we're going to need to manufacture everything. We have also ordered all of the Dice we will need and the first batch of bases (we expect we will need to order more once the Pledge Manager comes through and we know what you all want!).

The unfortunate news is that the supplier of our Pressure Tanks had only one in stock! They expect to have more available towards the 3rd week of December, at which point, we will be ordering them!

Oh and we have started booking some shows. Once the Pledge Manager goes live and we have explained our plans, we will announce the shows we are going to (UK only (and possibly Belgium...), we are afraid, due to tight purse-strings - if you want to help us get closer to you, please let us know!).

Right then, now for the interesting stuff!

3D Printing

We've made good progress this week. Both the Orc Command Set and the Dwarf Command Set have been printed. The Dwarf Command Set is in my hands right now, having travelled from Sweden and will go into Moulds early next week - after which, I will share whether I am happy with the quality or not. The Orcs are on their way from Prodos in Poland.

Some of the Orc Command Team that Prodos has printed for us

Sample of 3D printed Dwarf Command


This has been painfully slow this week, but we have organised a few things. Firstly, the Bear's basic anatomy is now done. This took a lot of tweaking and deciding how 'strong' we wanted the fur effect to be. We decided, in the end, that the more detail the better, so asked for quite an 'aggressive' fur detail (this will look beautiful with washes and dry brushes).

Panzerbär doesn't much like being called fluffy...

We've been assured that sculpting on the armoured sections will begin very soon!

On another note, we have commissioned the Troglodyte Support Set. We have not been able to do this until now, due to the sculptor just being totally overburdened. We hope to share progress next week, but more likely the week following.

Casting Models

I've been a busy bee this week making moulds and casting models in between organising *stuff*.

First up, the Orc Commandos!

Sadly, I misplaced one of the parts - having forgotten that I had placed it to one side to protect it. That was the (super fragile) rope and grappling hook for the Back-Right Orc. I will make a separate mould for that part this week coming! Whoops! Keep in mind, all of the moulds are hand-prepared and this is an example of a small human error. It happens!

Next up - Snail Shell House!

Tony has done a fantastic job creating this lovely Gnomish hovel. This week, we cast it up in Resin! The resin we are using is different to our miniatures. It's lightweight, yet very hard, so easy to file down and fix. These pieces should have no airbubbles but may feature one or two minor ones (refer to the Chimney in these pictures). That's the only bubble on the whole piece!

Ant, who has painted some of the other scenery for Panzerfäuste for Hysterical Games has kindly agreed to paint this piece too. Tony, who sculpted the piece, will be receiving his soon as well. I pulled these out of the mould today though - so he'll have to wait a little longer!


We are continuing to get Artwork made for the project, but much of it can't be shared right now. It's mostly to do with our 6th faction, which we hope to unveil independently of Kickstarter and sell on our website and at the first few shows we attend. Full rules for this faction should also come within the Rulebooks we made available on this Kickstarter! More about that when we have plenty of cool stuff to share!

Sort of related to that, Gregor has still been working on finishing some of the older art pieces he rushed out for the Kickstarter. He's spent a bit of time on the Dwarf Gebirgsjäger - even though he has actually really damaged his hand, he just won't take no for an answer! Keen lad! :)

Gregor's Gebirgsjäger!
Oh, and because we do spoil you... Well, actually, because Will spoils all of us...
He sent us a surprise! I rather LOVE it.

Troglodyte Gorale!

Lots of funky little details that we will bring to the miniatures! I'm very excited for these!
Right - well that's a wrap for this week! We'll keep you posted!

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