Sunday, 6 December 2015

Post-Kickstarter Update IV: Zombi, Commando, Dwarves and Dice

We've had a busy week here at Hysterical Games; but actual progress pales in comparison to the past two weeks. This may happen now and again, but we expect better progress in the short future.


We have had more artwork done, however, we are keen to keep some of this as a surprise for the rulebooks you have pledged for. Trust us, there will be some lovely scenes, landscapes and portraits.

3D Sculpting 

Sadly, we've not had the progress we would have liked in this part. We discovered the Deathless Zombi Elves were carrying Dwarf heads that were out of scale from the Dwarf Grenadier models, so we have had to do some jiggery-pokery to fix that. We've also not had any progress since last week regarding the Panzerbär, but trust me, I am on the sculptor's case! 

The edited Zombi. Dwarves have big heads!

Mouldmaking and Casting

This week we were unable to do quite as much as we usually would. Due to a huge mishap with the mould on one of our buildings, we sadly cannot share that just yet. However, next week, we expect we will show this building at the very least.

We did make a mould of the 3D prints for the Dwarf Command Set, sadly, they are not quite up to standard, so the printer is now looking at solving that for us. It's a step backwards, and a little irksome, but that's all part of the learning curve. Here's what they came out like.

A mixed bag, some are shiny, some details have not printed correctly, yet one or two are perfect!

We also managed to cast up the missing part from the Orc Commandos, which I can show you here!


We did make some progress here! We have received and packed all of the Dice we need for the Kickstarter and then some. Here is a quick snap-shot of the Printed D6 that many of you will be receiving.

We have also taken shipment of a whole load of bases in a variety of sizes (20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm to be precise). Having looked at our figures, we decided to include 50mm (not shown in the photograph) as well, especially for the Gnome Weapon Teams.

So, ultimately, the good news is that we have packed all the dice! That's one product range entirely sorted and ready to ship already! Not much, but we have to celebrate the little wins!

Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar!

Craig has been a busy bee, updating Orcs in the Webbe with community driven articles for Panzerfäuste and other Historo-Fantasy wargames. Please do check it out! There are already a number of Panzerfäuste articles there.

Mushroom Turrets

Irek Zielinski Interview

There will be many more this month, so do keep an eye out. We'd also like to hear any questions you have for Rob, from , regarding our project, what it has been to do it, what we will be doing and what plans we have. Simply email Craig at:

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