Sunday, 10 January 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update VIII: Orcs, Enigma, Deathless and a Frog!


The good news for us is that we are preeeeetty much there to really push on with our own resin manufacturing at full tilt. Our equipment has finally all arrived as well as having been gone over by someone who is familiar with Pressure (Pressure is a scary and potentially massively destructive thing that can go very, very wrong - so this was important to check before rushing into anything).

This means we are able to start manufacturing figures at a larger scale than we have been up to now.

So, without further ado, here are the rest of the Orc Command (we decided to get the missing parts printed from an alternate source, just to get this ball rolling. Over a month late, but there we go). Thanks to Anders for getting these sorted out for us so quickly.

Orc Sarge and Orc Enigma Machine - Crewed by a pair of Boffins!
In addition to the Orc Command missing bits, Anders also managed to print out the Orc Support Set - which we have cast up (figures are a bit shiny due to being early casts from the mould. Models sent out to backers will NOT be shiny!

Orc "Drainpipe" Anti-Tank Team
Orc "Sausage Shredder" HMG Team
Orc "Pudding Tube" Mortar Team
3D Printing

We've got a load more prints from Anders to get through, with more coming. We don't like to say too much, just in case it's not up to scratch, but we'll show you as soon as there are casts.

Let's just say that Piotr's latest piece of (WIP) artwork should be a good hint...


WIP Artwork for The Deathless...
Gregor is currently working on new full concept art for Prince Kaliko of the Gnomes. We hope to share that with you next week.

3D Sculpting

Victor, the sculptor of the Panzerbär, has just begun work on the Local Orc Volunteers. It's going to take him quite some time, as they are a complex unit to sculpt (lots of individual characters and tweaking), but we're hoping to share the progress with you over the next few weeks.

Irek, who sculpted our Dwarves, has committed to finishing the rest of our Dwarves and Gnomes. Again, this will be slow, but we'll get there. Irek is now freelance too, so it should be easier to get progress from him.

The first piece he's done for us since going freelance is Hauptmann Entwickler!

Hauptmann Entwickler and his Night-Vision Frog!

We absolutely love this character, first created by long-time Panzerfän, Luke Passingham. He is in a LOT of scenarios on the Orcs in the Webbe website, so get over there and check it out!


Ant Evans has continued to be awesome and paint scenery for us. He's been working on the Snail Barn that Tony so lovingly sculpted up. We think you'll all agree that it looks really fantastic.

Also, we've been mentioned in the Beasts of War XLBS Video today! If you are a back-stager, check it out! They just run through some of the designs for The Deathless.

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