Sunday, 24 January 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update X: Battle Moles, Local Orc Volunteers and Kaliko...


Okay, first up, we have some new work in progress artwork of Crown Prince Kaliko to share with you all, Gregor has been busily working on this! Just remember it's not finished.

Will Beck has been super busy, starting the week with a rough sketch concept for the Troglodyte 'Bitewny Kret' (Battle Mole). It will be a Naked Mole Rat and really nasty looking by the time its done. As miniatures, they will be 2 to a pack. :)

It's always interesting to see how these concepts grow and pan out.

Will has also worked on the final member of the Local Orc Volunteers, knowing that it will be much easier for Victor, the sculptor, to finish the models with a very clear concept to work from.

Here's an Orc that would knock your lights out for leaving your lights on! :D

Speaking of the Local Orc Volunteers, Victor has made a little progress on them. He is focusing on the heads, as that is the key to their character - then he will work on a generic body and do his 'thing' in to make them taller, slimmer, fatter or shorter as needs require.

Still quite work in progress, but he's working on them!

Also, bit of a surprise from a certain Mr Huntley of Arcworlde fame...

We present you, the one, the only, Hansi - the Kaiser's pet cat!

Alex is also working on the Skøgtroll range for us, when that eventually hits; but we're keeping that super tip-top secret. Who knows though, we might have a few in the Pledge Manager...

By the way, Alex is a wonderful bloke, really genuine and easy to work with. Give him a deadline, he'll hit it. If he can't, he's honest. So we'd like to invite you all to take part in his Mini-Kickstarter coming soon for Arcworlde. It's a great game, a fantastically creative concept and brilliantly immersive - remember to check it out!

Anyway, we digress; back to Skøgtrolls!


Ian Hill and Matthew Hartley, continue to work on the Mass Battle and Skirmish rules (respectively), meanwhile, Steve and Rob have been discussing how we are going to get them printed and bring them to market. We've had some very long discussions and had to make some decisions. We went out looking for pricing on the A4 format Paperback Skirmish book and Hardback Mass Battle book, but actually found these to be not particularly practical for the game.

Allow us to explain ourselves, before you set us on fire!

1. It's quite important to us to have continuity in our products. We feel like a roughly A5 format, Hardback book for both games still represents the quality we want to put across, whilst being much easier to transport and more handy for games. This is the same format used by Warploque MIniatures for their Arcworlde game, as well as Tor Gaming with Relics.

2. A new A5 format means that we can increase the page count of both books. This means they will both contain the Skøgtroll Campaign, Operation Grunwueste, as well as the Skøgtroll Army List! We will release an event deck for this particular Theatre of War via Wargame Vault a few months after the rulebook is released! For those who don't know, the Skogtrolls represent the Norwegians in Panzerfäuste.

3. This means that future expansions, which can be sold via Wargame Vault on Print on Demand, as well as a few copies from our fine selves, will match up with each other.
Some changes will also be made to the way the cards are packed and presented, but more on that once Ian has finalised the rules with Rob and Steve (no pressure, Ian!).

It's worth pointing out, we'll make quite a lot available via print on demand that we would otherwise have no budget to manufacture. Especially Stat Cards and other useful gaming resources.

Printing and Casting

We can wrap this up easily here. Rob's had a rather busy week with Age of Tyrants, which he is working as Community Manager for here and there. Both Rob and Steve are old friends of the MD there, John Robertson, so do check it out too. Nevertheless, Rob's managed to get a lot of casting done, but has been unable to make any new moulds this week for Panzerfäuste - due to waiting for 3D prints from Anders in Sweden.

Further to that point, Anders has been unable to get access to his 3D printer. The company he is working with on this has sadly had staff sickness, which has meant that the technician he has usually worked with has been unable to assist him. These things happen, but Anders hopes there will be progress tomorrow.

In the meantime, Anders has found an alternative, albeit slower and more labour intensive, printer to work with. We cannot stress how much we appreciate this! Anders has sent the parts to Rob in the UK, so they should get into moulds during the week, as soon as they arrive!


The first few models were packed up today by Rob and his friends, Allan and Ant. Thanks so much guys! It's been a good opportunity to do some quality checks on the casts he's made so far and, luckily, all seems to be well! We should tell you that the miniatures will not be sent with a casting 'foot', all the parts will be clipped off. This allows us to recycle the foot in the interest of the environment.

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