Sunday, 17 January 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update IX: Strummer's Stormers and LOVie Heads...

This is going to be a short update, due to being a shortened week. Rob headed over to Beasts of War on Wednesday and Thursday to do some filming with them for the Age of Tyrants project that hs eals involved in. It was very successful and you guys will be pleased to know he has also got the ball rolling on some Panzerfäuste content.

Mould making

Rob did a few moulds this week, with mixed success. There's nothing to photograph regarding this that you haven't seen before. Resized Dwarves, as well as a failed mould of the Deathless Zombie Troll. Next week, we're hoping to ramp moulding up big time! Apologies for this. we do have some Zombie Trolls built up, but we don't think the quality is up there with the rest of the range and we don't want to confuse you guys. We'll make sure to show you as soon as we have something we're happy with.

We're actually in a bit of a sour mood about this, as many of the parts of the Zombie Troll have smashed to bits in the mould making process - rendering them useless and meaning that we have to get them reprinted and totally remake the mould. It's just a pain in the backside and a lot of work (and money!) wasted!

Anyway, moving on!


Nothing to report here. We're running the full capacity now, and casting as often and for as long as possible. It's hard to get the balance of work right at the moment, as casting requires pretty much endlessly working on it. However, we've managed to get a small stock ready and made up. Just gotta pack it into bags!

This has slowed right down. Irek is busy at the moment, but Victor did send us a WIP shot of the first of the Orc LOV Heads...

We're Doomed!
It's a long way off yet, but a good start. The helmet will raise up a little bit and the hair will flick out a bit more.

We got the last STL file we're owed from Prodos Games as well. We don't think we're getting any more from them, just because they are too busy to provide (good for them!) in a timely manner for us. They've been super helpful with this process though.

Orc Matilda I War-beast

We're looking for 3D sculptors as well! Let us know if you are available! We're especially interested if you are keen to add to the Troglodyte and/or Deathless ranges.

3D Printing

Anders in Sweden is continuing to impress. It's a HUGE undertaking printing this amount of figures, so he's been absolutely golden. We're not really sure what we would do without him, not just for his skills as a printer - but also for his ability to organise everything. Rob's pretty scatterbrained and he's really helped rationalise everything logically. Cheers dude! He assures me us we'll have a small parcel next week with some bits and pieces in it.


Will has drawn up some rough pictures for the last two characters in the Dwarf Straftruppen Section. These will be the next Dwarf unit to be sculpted.

In Mass Battle, the Straftruppen Set are usable as just any other Section of Straftruppen; but in the Skirmish game, they will be usable as an actual character unit - Steurmer's Stormers! Each member is a character with a short back story.

That Deathless Picture we showed you guys last week is now finished. Piotr has done a grand job!

Other News!

Really, really, really exciting news!

Allan Powell, very kindly has offered to fund a War-Beast set for the Troglodytes. This will be available in the Pledge Manager and we hope to share some concept art from Will Beck in next week's update (or the week after!). We also want to let you guys know that we will be offering all of the Troglodyte Scenery in the Pledge Manager too!

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