Monday, 8 February 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XII: Fomori, Skøgtroll and Leutnant Isla Antonsdottir...

Apologies for the tardiness in our update this week! Rob's been busy with Age of Tyrants, which is becoming an ever-more demanding role as they start going into their last few days. They have 9 days left...

Anyway, regardless of Rob's blatant bumming around, SOMEONE got some stuff done at Hysterical Games this week.

Coming Soon!

Craig's been working frantically on the Pledge Manager, which is in fact also our webstore and website. He's also been helping on retail packaging and the layout for our Playtest rules for Panzerfäuste Mass Battle - which Ian has finalised to a point it's ready to publish. We will share these with you on Sunday, when we're happy with the general 'lingo' and other bits and bobs. There will also be some snazzy tokens for you to print out and use to try the game. Much like a few other companies, these will also eventually be hosted on our website so you can try out our games before buying them (here's looking at you, Guildball, you beautiful, wallet-emptying, people!).

Rob, Ian and Steve did meet up to exchange a few pre-production models, as well as discuss rules, release schedules and shows. It resulted in Rob having a lot more packaging materials, Steve having a bunch of figures to assemble and paint and Ian a load of things to think about in the rulebooks!

Here is what Steve did with the Fomori that Rob, so gracefully, handed to him fully assembled!

a little bit shiny due to the mould being brand new

Steve's very own Orc Fomor!

Steve also took some sneaky snaps of the workshop, whilst Rob wasn't looking. However, the Khoven Gralski Baba have redacted much of it...

Boxes that are steadily being filled with cast and packed miniatures!

Part of one of Rob's production runs. These are not cleaned up yet, for packing!

Dolly parts for the Skøgtrolls (see if any of you recognise the weapons!) and Zombie Trolls
A bunch of figures and buildings, for photography
There's a real buzz of activity in that workshop; Rob's put in an awful lot of work to get that running, so we thought it was only right to share with you what we can.


So, the artists have been busy, Gregor has basically finalised Isla Antonsdottir, who will be available in the Pledge Manager!

Meanwhile, Will has been drawing the last of the two Steurmer's Stormers (Straftruppen) characters. He'll now officially be working on our next campaign - so you won't see much, if at all, from him for the next few months.


Sadly, our Zombie Dwarf sculptor went on holiday, so didn't get anything done this week and our LOV sculptor simply couldn't find the time. However, they've both been genuine and honest about their delay - which is more than can be said for some people and something we all appreciate massively here.

Monsiuer Huntley, Esquire, on the other hand (Alex Huntley, of Warploque Miniatures) has been working away on our Skøgtroll Gevärstrupp... He's assured us that they'll be done in the next few days and likely with us in time to mould for next week! No promises, but, by jove, we will try our best to make that happen!

3D Printing

Anders has been a busy bee, getting more prints made for us. He's currently working using a slightly higher quality printer, but it's much more labour intensive. He's a student though, so his time is quite precious. He's managed to get another 2 units in the post to Rob this week though, which should arrive any day now. Of course, we'll keep you up to date on this matter. Thanks, Anders!

Okay, so it's a short one this week, that's a wrap. Next week should be promising, what with more sculpts, figures and rules.

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