Friday, 1 April 2016

Panzerfäuste Live Action Role-Play

Hysterical Games are proud to be able to offer you the ULTIMATE PANZERFÄUSTE experience!


We have teamed up with Mad’s Army WW2 Re-enactment group to create a unique LARP experience in the world of PANZERFÄUSTE!

Players will spend all weekend outdoors in a fox hole dug in Ufules Wood near Hysterical HQ Kenilworth receiving the ultimate PANZERFÄUSTE experience you have only dreamed of. Dress up as an Orc, Dwarf*, Gnome** or Zombi*** and see if you can survive 48 hours on the battlefields of The Land.

We will supply your re-enactment kit, mask/fake beard (as appropriate) and a supply of bully beef/bratwurst/escargot/raw meat as appropriate to the race you and your friends decide to play.

Obviously the ULTIMATE PANZERFÄUSTE experience does not come cheap but we have negotiated with Mad’s Army a bargain discounted price of £5,000 per player, minimum teams of eight.

Places are extremely limited so make sure your reserve your place by sending a large pile of cash immediately by carrier pigeon to Hysterical HQ and we’ll send you more instructions from our new HQ in the Bahamas…

* maximum height for Dwarf players five foot

** maximum heigh for Gnome players four foot

*** maximum weight for zombi players eight stone

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