Sunday, 3 April 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XVI: Troglodyte Gorale and Steurmer's Stormers

First up, apologies for the delay in this update. We usually do a update every week and we've been really good, but since the shows in March, Rob has been totally rammed up with prep work for Salute. He's taken the time to put together a summary and get this update written - so let's get this show on the road!

Kickstarter Shipments:

We have received over 50% of the Pledge Managers from you guys (not including £1 pledges) - that is excellent news! We really must urge you to complete your Pledge Managers by the end of March (or into the first week or so into April) just so that we know where we stand on getting stuff made. This is paramount to getting Wave 2 done on time, so that we know exactly where our priorities are AND so that we can order out external items that will need printing, like the bags, t-shirts and posters.

If you want Wave 1 shipping, we really MUST request it is completed by the end of March. We know a few of you have to wait until April and, in those few cases, is absolutely fine.

Those of you waiting for Wave 1 orders to arrive, we are still working on shipping these out. Of course, this only applies to those of you who did not tell us which items you want in advance, therefore, we are having to manufacture a few extra copies of those items. We really, really appreciate your patience.

Please keep an eye out for PayPal invoices that we send out to cover the cost of your Wave 1 shipping. It may not seem like a lot, or it may not seem like it matters, but we have not budgeted to cover postage for free and it is really very important that you can cover this cost. If you have received a Wave 1 parcel, and know you haven't paid for the postage, it might be worth logging into PayPal to check if you have an unpaid invoice from us! :) We've tried to keep the costs as low as possible.

Now for some exciting news in the world of 3D sculpting.

3D Sculpting:

Troglodyte Gorale Unit shot Heriberto, our magical Mexican, has been busy working on the Gorale and has done a bloody superb job! He's pumped tonnes of character into this elite Troglodyte unit, I am sure you will all agree. They are currently slated for Wave 3!

Troglodyte Gorale Unit shot
Here's a close up...

A long way from Mexico, in Poland, Irek has been just as busy working on the Dwarf Straftruppen. This unit is full of characters that will play a large part in the Skirmish Rulebook. Steurmer's Stormers are, arguably, the most infamous of all the Dwarven Straftruppen Sections, so we chose to run with them. Irek's been sculpting their heads!

*Far top right Pickelhaube is not complete!
*Far top right Pickelhaube is not finished!


This article is too good not to share. Ant has made a really nifty guide on how to paint your Gnome Voltigeurs in WW1 Horizon Blue uniforms. It's a super simple guide that will allow you to paint a unit in an evening with ease! Excellent stuff!

Salute 2016:

Yep, we're bloomin' excited for this one. It's obviously our first year trading and we've got a bunch of exciting stuff happening.

Sadly, Steve can't make it; but Rob and Allan are going to be on site to assist you. It's also a shame, but we don't have a demo game this year. As it's our first year and we got in a little late - we're fairly limited on space. Next year, it will be a bit more luxurious. :)

Will Beck is going to be at the show, whilst he's on the stand, he's going to be drawing a variety of different Panzerfäuste subjects, so it's well worth coming and checking out what he's up to (we've never even seen his face before, so that's going to be a surprise in itself!).

Something else that's pretty cool will be the first of our Salute exclusive mugs! Every year, we will announce a new illustrated mug that will be sold at the show and on our website over the weekend. These are strictly limited to 40 copies, 20 on the website and 20 at the show - so please get in there quickly.

Here's a rough (very rough) mock-up of what we intend to print on it. The Panzerfäuste logo is going to be a little bigger!

In addition to mugs, we will also be announcing a number of new releases for the Maveryc range and at Salute, we hope to have physical previews of a number of Wave 2 units. We're not sure exactly what we'll have ready in time; but we'll let you know.

Final point, an exciting development for us is that we have just purchased a 3D printer. It's due to arrive in around 6 weeks and we hope to not only do our own stuff, but offer it out as a service to other small companies. Should you, a friend or a business you like to support require affordable, fast and reliable 3D printing, please get in touch! We already cast miniatures for a number of people, we now need to build up a database of 3D printing clients!

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