Sunday, 8 May 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XVIII: Dwarf Penal Troops and Fomori Brute

Hail fellow Panzerfäustians...


We've had quite a bit of progress on the sculpting front. We have two 'T-Poses' ready at this stage, we're not going to show them yet as they tend to lead to confusion. It's the step in 3D sculpting you take before posing the model, you lay it out like a mannequin almost, and then repose it.

However, Irek has finalised a number of his 3D renders for us, some of the Characters from the Dwarf Straftruppen set!

I think you'll all agree with us, they have a great deal of character and will really add something to any Dwarf army.

3D Printing and Casting (Wave 2)

We're still working away on this. Our 3D printer is due to arrive in the next couple of weeks, then we expect it will take a short while to learn how to use it properly. Once that has smoothed out, we will be able to really update you on this front. In the meantime, Rob has managed to mould up the Fomor Brute a few more times and has put it into proper production. Word Forge Games kindly offered to cast the Kaiser's Cat for us and is working on casting enough of the little guys to fulfil all of your orders.

Pledge Manager

Please, if you haven't filled in your Pledge Manager, try and fill it in as soon as possible. We really need to lock it down and still have 30% or so of the pledgers (not including £1) that have not filled in the manager. We're only a small company, so it's very important to know exactly what we need to do to get everyone the products they deserve.

If you have an issue with, or you do not believe you have received, the pledge manager, please email for advice.

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