Sunday, 14 August 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XXII: Dwarf Support Weapons, Deathless Zombi & T-shirts...

On the Kickstarter front Rob and Vince have been beavering away on the 26 sets coming in Wave Two, which is all going to schedule, and to whet the appetite here is a picture of the Dwarf Support Weapons Set - cool or what?

And talking of cool, you will look so cool in your Panzerfäuste t-shirt that you pledged for in the Kickstarter. Rob will be getting these printed soon and as all wargamers are not all 2XL, can you email him asap with your preferred t-shirt size at (even if you are proper sized 2XL wargamer).

AND if you are thinking, "oh no I won't look as cool as (insert name here) in their exclusive Panzerfäuste t-shirt" and that makes you sad, don't be sad, send Rob an email and he will send you back a Pay Pal invoice for £15 so it can be included in your pledge when it ships.

Wave Two will also include the first Deathless models and Steve was lucky to grab a set of the Zombi on one of his visits to Hysterical Towers and have painted them up - and jolly nice they are too in their blood splattered uniforms...

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