Saturday, 3 September 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XXIII: Wave Two Update

Ok, lots of exciting news today as the Phoney War is over and September sees the launch of Wave Two!
The first boxes of Wave Two will be going out this week coming and the operation continue throughout the month. We anticipate (all things remaining equal) that the vast majority of Wave Two pledgers will receive their goodies by the end of the month.

Vince "packing" wave two goodies
Vince "packing" wave two goodies
We will be clearing pledges as quickly as we mould and cast the relevant codes, so if your pledge only contains items in the top of the list below, you will be receiving yours before someone who has pledged for items at the bottom of the list (sorry but something was always going to be produced before something else and it makes no sense to have them sat in Hysterical Towers for the whole month if we can ship them out now). The first pledges are boxed and will be posted next week, after that it is all hands to the pump to get the rest of Wave Two out asap.
This is the current Wave Two manufacturing situation…
Printed, moulded and being cast:
Deathless Nezhit Troll Brute
Dwarf Support 
Dwarf Zinn Mann Brute 
Dwarf Panzerbär I/II 
Dwarf Kasier’s cat Hansi
Orc Support 
Orc Fomori Brute 
Orc Matilda Wyrm
Printed and cleaned awaiting moulding and casting:
Deathless Zombi 
Deathless Command
Local Orc Volunteers
Printed awaiting cleaning and moulding and casting:
Gnome Command 
Gnome Support 
Gnome Ghul Brute
Deathless Support
Troglodyte Infantry 
Troglodyte Support
The Troglodyte Command have unfortunately been pushed back into wave three as we are still waiting on some figures being sculpted.
The Troglodyte terrain, which was not part of the KS but which we planned to ship alongside Wave Two, will now be shipped in October as we are still waiting on mould boxes for them. So if your pledge includes them, it will be slightly delayed until October (sorry).
The bags have arrived and t-shirts arriving next week at Hysterical Towers to be included in pledges. I’m still umming and ahhing about including place names on the world map as it such a lovely piece of art…

A snippet of the lovely map of The Land...
A snippet of the lovely map of The Land...
On the miniatures front we decided that the Orc Wyrm that we had been showing off was not imposing enough, so rescaled it and made it 20% bigger. Rob was not happy with the initial casts of the Zombi and Ghul so reprinted, remoulded and recast them to ensure they are the sort of high quality you expect from Hysterical Games.
In Other News…
There is a great four page Panzerfäuste article in issue 347 (September) of Wargames Illustrated about Lee and Ant’s great Commando raid game they’ve been taking around the shows, so make sure you get hold of a copy if you haven’t already.

Rob and Vince will be at the Hereward wargames show in Peterborough tomorrow and next week we will be at Colours in Newbury. So if you are at either show please come along and say hello.
Finally, just to ramp up your excitement levels even further, here is a little teaser of something we are planning to bring you in November…

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