Saturday, 5 November 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XXV: Problems, Problems...

Well they say no plan survives contact with the enemy and that certainly seems the case here at Hysterical Towers were we have had a month blighted by a series of unfortunate events.
As we said last update, the Gnomes have been causing a few problems so we decided to switch production of the arms and weapons to white metal. Unfortunately that was not as simple a solution as we first thought so we have brought in expertise to solve the problem in the form of Chris Nicholls of Macrocosm Miniatures.

He has solved that problem (go Chris!) and now we can get on with getting the Command and Support sets finished and out to you.
Le Problem du Gnome has had a knock on effect on the Troglodytes as the work Rob needed to do to get the masters ready for moulding has been delayed in him trying to get the pesky Gnomes to cast. However with Chris on board, Rob can now devote some TLC on the Troglodyte infantry.

Trog buildings with some Gnome ones...
Trog buildings with some Gnome ones...
In addition to this one of the Trog buildings one was destroyed in the mouldmaking process, so Tony is remaking the master and Rob will need to mould that up using a less aggressive technique. Those that survived have been cast up for orders and look really nice.
If your Wave Two has been delayed because of this all this we can only apologise.
And if that was not enough…
Whilst Ian is working away on the Mass Battle game, even starting to lay out pages of the rulebook, Matthew has been cursed with a string of bad luck that almost beggars belief, including his chimney breast collapsing at his home and being driven off the road by a lorry and ending up in a ditch. Fortunately Matthew was unscathed, unfortunately his car was not. This obviously has had a knock on effect on the Skirmish rules, quite what that impact will be we’re not quite sure at this stage.

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