Sunday, 28 February 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XIV: Troglodyte Support and Gorale

Thank you to everyone who has emailed Rob to let him know what items you are wanting from Wave One. Your prospective orders are currently being processed and it's been very helpful for us to understand which units are the most popular. Rob's been busily making moulds all week (especially of the Orcs!) in preparation for the shipment.


If you have already told us, then do not worry. :)

Okay, so let's get on with the update.

Pledge Manager:

Yes, this is coming this week. Apologies for the delay, this has come about because Craig is just tidying up the graphics and making it as easy as possible for you guys to find exactly the items you are looking for. It's a pain, but it's very important. Craig will update you all through Kickstarter, as well as email the first 50 people. The priority will be in people who have expressed interest in Wave 1. We will be contacting people in batches of 50. We expect to get everyone sorted very, very quickly indeed.


Some nice progress this week. Firstly, we've had renders back for the Troglodyte Support. These are still work in progress, as we just fine tune a few details, but here you go!

Even more on the Troglodyte theme, we've had the first render of the Troglodyte Gorale as well! These are utterly FANTASTIC. We're really happy with these and simply cannot wait for the full section.


Nothing new this week. Rob has been totally focused on items for the First wave, which will be shipping out on Friday, if all goes to plan. It's gonna be tight!

3D Printing:

Anders has come back and told us that he has shipped out a few more prints to us. We hope to get this all moulded up over the next few weeks.


You can now access the Beta rules for Panzerfäuste Mass Battle. Ian Hill has been pivotal in the creation of these rules, so we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his assistance. Please go and give them a read and let us know what you think in the main comments section on the Kickstarter! We are sure that Ian would love to hear your thoughts.

Keep in mind, they are just Black and White, they are not bookmarked or hyperlinked. We will make a document that is much easier to use, but we just wanted to get these basic things out before the Pledge Manager goes live.

The files are all locked down with a password, which is pzfks1


As February closes and March begins, we start to really come into the UK Show Circuit...

We wanted to remind you that we will be at the following shows this month:

Alumwell - WMMS (West Midlands Military Show)
Alumwell - WMMS (West Midlands Military Show)
Sunday 13th March Aldersley Leisure Village Aldersley Rd Wolverhampton WV6 9NW

19th and 20th March 2016 English Institute of Sport Coleridge Rd Sheffield South Yorkshire S9 5DA

So yes, March is set to be a very busy month for us!

Other Announcements:

We're very proud to announce that we are expanding our range of products to include Maveryc's products. We are now the distributors of S.P.Q.oRc, their history-fantasy miniatures game which includes a number of charming and humourous designs within the campaign setting of 'Pax Bochemannica', which is set to expand into other regions of this particularly barmy world...

Pax Bochemannica Starter Box
Pax Bochemannica Starter Box 
You will find Maveryc's products on our website, once the webstore goes live. You will also find the full range of products on our trade stand at all the shows which we will be attending! This includes a number of miniatures which have never been released before!

That's it for now, we will be back soon with the Pledge Manager!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XIII: Zombi Dwarves, Zombi Troll & Skøgtroll

We're getting there! Promise! Turns out, the programme we're using for Pledge Manager doesn't support wave shipping, but we're working a way around it. We hope there will be something really very soon.

Those of you who have messaged us in regards to last week's update, thank you. This has been incredibly useful information. Rob has been busily casting miniatures, and we've had some great support from a few of our friends to help bump the number up a bit.

If you want to pick up at a show (for free shipping) or you want to have Wave 1 shipped out, please, please, please let us know roughly what you would like. Rob is going to start packing these orders as soon as he's got confirmation, so we know your orders are ready to go. That said, if you don't, we will do everything we can to ensure your Wave 1 still goes out before we start attending shows!

Right then, we've also made some fantastic progress in the last 2 weeks and we thought that maybe we should report on that.


Artwork has actually begun on the next campaign. Will Beck is starting to conceptualise the new races that will feature in the next campaign. Very exciting, but you won't see anything more on that for a good few months! On the other hand, sadly, the others have been committed to other projects and unable to deliver anything. We had hoped we would be able to share pictures of all the 'pledge level' characters before the Pledge Manager goes live, but that is looking quite unlikely! We'll do what we can to get them, or as much of them, or as much concept information made available to aid your selections.


This is where we've had a bit of a stellar time. Heriberto has been busy on the Zombie Dwarves, completed them and is now working on the Troglodyte Support. He also has a friend working on the Troglodyte Gorale. We're hoping to share pictures of these in the Pledge Manager for you, when that finally goes live.

The last 5 Zombie Dwarves, hope these are gory enough!

Troglodyte MMG Team (Poses)

Troglodyte Anti-Tank Rifle Team (Poses)

Troglodyte Mortar Team (Poses)

Obviously the trogs are all in WIP poses, just to show how they will be arranged around the weapons. Heriberto is working on these this week and has assured us it should not be a too difficult job to complete.

We've also had some progress on the Skøgtrolls from Alex. Here are the first of the Gevärstrupp... We hope that, if we generate enough revenue from these, we will be able to shortly release the other half of the Demi-Section. Alex is fairly busy, so we've not commissioned them yet. His Kickstarter for Troll Bridge starts VERY soon!

Work in progress...

Work in progress...

Victor is still chipping away at the Orc LOV. He's told us that he is quite ill, with gallstones, so we hope he recovers soon. Despite being ill, he's still made a little progress.

These are all T-Poses, made before posing. Still a long way to go on the webbing, etc. Victor is learning history from scratch, so it's a steep learning curve for him!


Bit of a surprise, we're going to not show anything just yet, but progress continues on the Demo Boards for our UK shows. We think they will be utterly awesome and the guys at Leicester Phat Katz are doing a fantastic job!

However, Steve has been doing a little bit of painting himself. This time on the Deathless Zombi Mountain Trolls (Vuoritroll) which will be available in the Pledge Manager and as part of the Wave 2 shipment!

Standard Zombi Troll (No Crew)

Kickstarter Exclusive Zombi Troll (No Crew)

Okay, well that's it from us this week folks. We'll be back as soon as we've got the Pledge Manager down and confirmed. Again, sorry for the delay, but this just has to be perfect.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XII: Fomori, Skøgtroll and Leutnant Isla Antonsdottir...

Apologies for the tardiness in our update this week! Rob's been busy with Age of Tyrants, which is becoming an ever-more demanding role as they start going into their last few days. They have 9 days left...

Anyway, regardless of Rob's blatant bumming around, SOMEONE got some stuff done at Hysterical Games this week.

Coming Soon!

Craig's been working frantically on the Pledge Manager, which is in fact also our webstore and website. He's also been helping on retail packaging and the layout for our Playtest rules for Panzerfäuste Mass Battle - which Ian has finalised to a point it's ready to publish. We will share these with you on Sunday, when we're happy with the general 'lingo' and other bits and bobs. There will also be some snazzy tokens for you to print out and use to try the game. Much like a few other companies, these will also eventually be hosted on our website so you can try out our games before buying them (here's looking at you, Guildball, you beautiful, wallet-emptying, people!).

Rob, Ian and Steve did meet up to exchange a few pre-production models, as well as discuss rules, release schedules and shows. It resulted in Rob having a lot more packaging materials, Steve having a bunch of figures to assemble and paint and Ian a load of things to think about in the rulebooks!

Here is what Steve did with the Fomori that Rob, so gracefully, handed to him fully assembled!

a little bit shiny due to the mould being brand new

Steve's very own Orc Fomor!

Steve also took some sneaky snaps of the workshop, whilst Rob wasn't looking. However, the Khoven Gralski Baba have redacted much of it...

Boxes that are steadily being filled with cast and packed miniatures!

Part of one of Rob's production runs. These are not cleaned up yet, for packing!

Dolly parts for the Skøgtrolls (see if any of you recognise the weapons!) and Zombie Trolls
A bunch of figures and buildings, for photography
There's a real buzz of activity in that workshop; Rob's put in an awful lot of work to get that running, so we thought it was only right to share with you what we can.


So, the artists have been busy, Gregor has basically finalised Isla Antonsdottir, who will be available in the Pledge Manager!

Meanwhile, Will has been drawing the last of the two Steurmer's Stormers (Straftruppen) characters. He'll now officially be working on our next campaign - so you won't see much, if at all, from him for the next few months.


Sadly, our Zombie Dwarf sculptor went on holiday, so didn't get anything done this week and our LOV sculptor simply couldn't find the time. However, they've both been genuine and honest about their delay - which is more than can be said for some people and something we all appreciate massively here.

Monsiuer Huntley, Esquire, on the other hand (Alex Huntley, of Warploque Miniatures) has been working away on our Skøgtroll Gevärstrupp... He's assured us that they'll be done in the next few days and likely with us in time to mould for next week! No promises, but, by jove, we will try our best to make that happen!

3D Printing

Anders has been a busy bee, getting more prints made for us. He's currently working using a slightly higher quality printer, but it's much more labour intensive. He's a student though, so his time is quite precious. He's managed to get another 2 units in the post to Rob this week though, which should arrive any day now. Of course, we'll keep you up to date on this matter. Thanks, Anders!

Okay, so it's a short one this week, that's a wrap. Next week should be promising, what with more sculpts, figures and rules.