Thursday, 19 May 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XIX: Troglodyte Kret Ułani and Panzerfäuste Unarmoured

We have very exciting update for you today! It's been a couple of very busy weeks with a whole load going on in the background so we apologise for the short period of silence and hope this update will make up for it!

3D Printing:

Rob has been very busy indeed. Not only has he been busily moulding things for Wave 2, he has also been running our new 3D printer 24/7 (literally!) to get all of our files printed out. It's a colossal job, but he has actually brought us up to date. Everything that we have sculpted is now printed, we just need to clean every print (they come out with a sort of 'scaffolding' that you have to cut off and hand clean, without snapping details off!) and then get them moulded. This is a long process, but one we are committed to doing.

This will likely mean some delay in Wave 2 (which will also knock Wave 3, we are quite sure of that!). It's early days yet, so Rob and Steve still need to meet up to discuss that and then let you guys know exactly what we will do. We are very sorry for the delay!


Yes, Rob has been busy with the printer, but he's also been making moulds. We currently have 2 of the Wave 2 units in production and expect to have another 2 or 3 in there by the end of May. Obviously, it takes time to actually build stock once the mould is made.

3D Sculpting:

Well this is the exciting part. We have a number of units being worked on right now, some of which we are still finalising, but this morning we finalised this unit and just couldn't wait to let you see them. So here they are, for your viewing pleasure, the Kret Ułani (Mole Lancers)!

These beautiful and characterful figures were designed by Heriberto, our latest team member who has been assisting with getting the last few Wave 3 units done. Irek is still badgering away on Dwarves and Victor has finalised the Local Orc Volunteers.


Just a reminder that we will be at Partizan this Sunday at Newark.

The week after that, we are at RPC in Cologne, Germany; with our German Distribution partner, Laughing Jack! And then a week after that, it's UK Games Expo in Birmingham!


At all of these shows, we will be premiering our brand new 2 player starter set, Panzerfäuste Unarmoured, which gets you a 32-page full colour rulebook, a section of Dwarf Grenadiers and a section of Orc Infantry, as well as 4 Panzerfäuste D6... We will have the rules available for sale on their own too, just because we know many of you have those figures and dice already. Prices are to be confirmed, but we hope to get it up on the website once the shows have all passed!


We also received a really lovely review via Youtube, we thought you might like to see that!

Jason Buffin of Bulldog Studios also sent in these really fantastic Dwarf Grenadiers. Well worth checking out! We think that the clean paint-style he has gone for really works on our figures.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Steve has painted up a test casting of the forthcoming Panzerbär model...

The  model comes with an alternative turret (Panzer II style) and bear head as well as some more accessories to hang off the Panzerbär.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XVIII: Dwarf Penal Troops and Fomori Brute

Hail fellow Panzerfäustians...


We've had quite a bit of progress on the sculpting front. We have two 'T-Poses' ready at this stage, we're not going to show them yet as they tend to lead to confusion. It's the step in 3D sculpting you take before posing the model, you lay it out like a mannequin almost, and then repose it.

However, Irek has finalised a number of his 3D renders for us, some of the Characters from the Dwarf Straftruppen set!

I think you'll all agree with us, they have a great deal of character and will really add something to any Dwarf army.

3D Printing and Casting (Wave 2)

We're still working away on this. Our 3D printer is due to arrive in the next couple of weeks, then we expect it will take a short while to learn how to use it properly. Once that has smoothed out, we will be able to really update you on this front. In the meantime, Rob has managed to mould up the Fomor Brute a few more times and has put it into proper production. Word Forge Games kindly offered to cast the Kaiser's Cat for us and is working on casting enough of the little guys to fulfil all of your orders.

Pledge Manager

Please, if you haven't filled in your Pledge Manager, try and fill it in as soon as possible. We really need to lock it down and still have 30% or so of the pledgers (not including £1) that have not filled in the manager. We're only a small company, so it's very important to know exactly what we need to do to get everyone the products they deserve.

If you have an issue with, or you do not believe you have received, the pledge manager, please email for advice.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Panzerfäuste Quarterly is Dead! Long Live Panzerfäuste G2!!!

Some sad news... 

Some good news... 

And some GREAT news!!!

Issue two of Panzerfäuste G2 - our irregular Panzerfäuste e-zine is now available here.