Friday, 14 April 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXIX: Wave Two Complete and Salute 2017...

April is the busiest period in the wargaming calendar for a vast number of wargames businesses, especially those based in the UK. All because of Salute, the premier Miniature Wargaming show at Excel, in London, which is this weekend.

We’re there (well, some of us anyway - Vince, Elliot, Allan, Hannah and Rob) on stand TC17! Come and say hello! 

Our last update was 2 months ago (That crept up!) and we apologise for the silence since then. Rest assured, we’ve kept ourselves very busy, collecting more equipment, hiring more staff and generally expanding. This has provided a mixture of heartache and epic success in the period (from poor batches of Silicone Rubber, to new equipment not working properly, to reprinting the same unit 7 times due to being scaled incorrectly)… 
Wave 2 is COMPLETE

All Wave 2 parcels are shipped. It’s now time to start WAVE 3. 
We want to start shipping things as soon as possible, so this week we will start to ship out what we are calling Wave 3A. Wave 3B will ship as soon as the final elements are complete.  
Something I need to be very clear on is that Wave 3A is going to EVERY SINGLE BACKER. So if you opted for Wave shipping, you’re getting a parcel. If you opted for shipping it all in one shipment, you’re getting Wave 3A early. We are going to cover the cost of shipping for Wave 3A ourselves, so you won’t have a Paypal invoice from us to cover your Wave 3A shipments. 

Here is what is available as part of Wave 3A (apologies for lack of pictures, we are so busy, not had time!):

  • Orc Command Set 
  • Orc Support Set 
  • Orc Fomori Brute 
  • Orc Infantry Section 
  • Orc Commando Section 
  • Local Orc Volunteer Section 
  • Orc Matilda War-Wyrm War-Beast 
  • Kaiser Alberich (KS Exclusive) 
  • Hanzi, the Kaiser’s Cat (KS Exclusive) 
  • Dwarf Command Set 
  • Dwarf Support Set 
  • Dwarf Zinn Mann Brute 
  • Dwarf Grenadiers Section 
  • Dwarf Straftruppen Section 
  • Dwarf Panzerbär War-Beast 
  • Gnome Command Set 
  • Gnome Support Set 
  • Gnome Ghul Brute (KS Exclusive) 
  • Gnome Ghul Brute (Standard “Retail” Version) 
  • Gnome Voltigeurs Section 
  • Gnome Gasteroportes Troop 
  • Troglodyte Command Set 
  • Troglodyte Support Set 
  • Troglodyte Wojtek Brute 
  • Troglodyte Infantry Section 
  • Troglodyte Gorales Section 
  • Troglodyte Ulani Troop 
  • Deathless Command Set 
  • Deathless Support Set 
  • Deathless Nezhit Troll Brute (KS Exclusive) 
  • Deathless Nezhit Troll Brute (Standard “Retail” Version) 
  • Deathless Dark Elf Zombi Horde 
  • Deathless Dwarf Zombi Horde 
  • Skogtroll Gevarstropp Rifle Demi-Section 
  • Skogtroll Gevarstropp LMG Demi-Section 
  • All Gnome Terrain 
  •  All Troglodyte Terrain 
  • Messenger Bags 
  • Backpacks 
We start shipping this week and expect all shipments to be completed by the middle of May. We are going to try and organise all the UK shipments first, then the rest of Europe, then the rest of the world.

If you want to collect at Salute, please email us (Don’t use the messenger function on Kickstarter!) on by WEDNESDAY MORNING 10:00 AM UK time.

 All of these items (except Kickstarter Exclusives) will also be available to buy at Salute. We have very limited numbers available, as we have manufactured all the stock we need to ship Wave 3A. We have a few leftovers to take to the show, roughly 10-15 of each unit. 
We will also make these available to Pre-Order on our website on this coming Saturday. They will not ship until the end of May.

Haben Sie Einen Weissbier Auf Uns!

Another announcement is that we have a Salute exclusive figure! 
Here’s a quick snapshot from the 3D software to show what he looks like. 

This characterful model, sculpted by Heriberto Valle Martinez and Irek Zielinski, will be cast in Pewter and will be free with all purchases at Salute or on our website over the weekend (22nd/23rd April) of £100 or more.
Alternatively, you can purchase him for £15 during the course of the show or on our webstore on Saturday 22nd April and Sunday 23rd April. 

What's Next
So up next we are just about to start 3D printing the Deathless Kazak, Herb is on the Schweinhundereite, Steve and Matthew are still finalising the Skirmish game rules, and Rob is still rolling out kinks in the Mass Battle Rules after doing some playtesting and realising some huge issues he had overlooked! 

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