Saturday, 22 July 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXIII: Orc Highlanders

Good news on Kickstarter completion, there are only 4 parcels are left to ship of Wave 3A and that we've already made big steps into getting Wave 3B made.
On the topic of Wave 3B  the Highland Orcs have been sculpted and we think you will agree Rafael has done a cracking job on what the Dwarves call "Orcs in skirts!" - right up until they get decapitated by the Highlanders claymores...

Hope you like them as much as we do here at Hysterical Games. We wanted them to have a very martial vibe, charging into battle to engage their enemies in hand to hand combat and we think Rafael has done the job!
The Dwarf Gebirgsjäger aren't too far behind, just a couple more to be sculpted so keep your eyes peeled for an update very soon.

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