Friday, 25 August 2017

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXV: Gnome Chasseurs Alpin

Well the Dwarf Gebirgsjäger can't expect to climb every mountain without meeting some resistance and in the Gnomelands this comes in the form of the elite Chasseurs Alpins!

As you may recall from the Kickstarter, this pack is a demi-section of four goat-mounted and four dismounted Chasseurs...

Darko has done such a lovely job on these that Rob has asked him to sculpt another demi-section of Chasseurs Alpin, including a lmg, so you can field a complete section in your games. These will be available for purchase after the completion of Wave 3B.

We think Gnome players will love having these specialist troopers in their army and we are looking forward to painting up a unit as soon as they are cast.

So what's next? Well Darko is a half way through the next unit, one that proved very, very popular in the Kickstarter pledges... What are they? Well watch the skies!

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