Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Spitfyre: Dwarf Kampfkondor 111 Funded!

Another Stretch Goal passed! That was a slightly bigger leap, because it's a slightly bigger freebie!
Here's Will's fantastic concept art, until Darko manages to complete the 3D sculpt!

Kampfkondor 111 Condor Bomber
Kampfkondor 111 Condor Bomber

So all Pilot backers are now going to receive a Kampfkondor 111 miniature with their pledge for FREE!
Steve has worked out that you are now getting £60 worth of kit for a mere £25
So, what's up next? Well, some of you have asked about Gnomes, and here they are!
The Gnome Hawk Fighter will be unlocked if we hit £5000.

Gnome Aéronautique de Oiseuax Militaire Faucon fighter

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