Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Spitfyre Funded and More!

Well, that's it folks. Spitfyre is completely funded, the Kickstarter has been a massive success!

Just how much of a success has it been?

You guys loved the project so much, that we made ELEVEN TIMES our target goal. 
We have MORE BACKERS than our original Panzerfäuste project, to all of our new supporters, welcome to our little corner of madness!
We need to manufacture at least 1,032 Resin Dwarf War Eagles (eek!)
We need to manufacture roughly 4,734 Airbeasts in total (eeeek!)
We are massively pleased with how quickly support for Spitfyre has come about. In all honesty, we designed this, initially, to be a spin-off and one-off release. Now we have a whole bunch of different Airbeast models, an expansion pack and plans to release a whole lot more stuff on-going. 
Speaking of which...
Rob and Steve are going to start working on the Pledge Manager fairly soon (please bear with us, Pledge Managers are actually one of the hardest parts to handle for a Kickstarter project! Right now we don't know our timeline for it!). We received a few messages from folk saying that they would really like to have hit our final £12,000 stretch goal. Well, if we get another 10 Pilot Pledges to upgrade to Ace Pledges, then we will unlock the £12,000 Storch freebie model. We'll keep you up to date with whether this will be happening!
We are also still busy behind the scenes. Our, very talented and absolutely awesome, sculptor, Darko, has been working on the last few 3D models for the Starter Box and all associated Stretch Goals, which are coming along wonderfully. The Kampfkondor is a real treat, but we'll hold fire for now until we've pinned it down. Hopefully you'll see that soon. 
Will Beck, equally awesome and talented, has come back to us today with the initial concept sketches for the Kriegadler 110 War-Eagle and the Trog Bats which you will receive in the Torg-Baraz Expansion Set. 

Thank you all again for your support. From the depths of our hearts, it means everything to us to see people band together and bang the drum for projects like this one. We'll be back soon with more updates once the dust settles. 

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