Friday, 19 January 2018

Post-Kickstarter Update XXXIX: Dwarf Sturmtruppen

First off can we wish you a Happy New Year!
Secondly thanks for your patience. We are like ducks below the waterline paddling away, please have trust in us, we're almost at the finish line!

The Dwarf Sturmtruppen have now been sculpted and with Rob for printing. This has taken a little longer than more straight forward sculpts with poor Darko having to try and sculpt the vision of these Steve had in his head! We think he's done an amazing job!

The Sturmtruppen are a unit inspired by both the Great War Stosstruppen and high fantasy Dwarves and we have tried to reach some balance in the concept of that in the designs.

Hope you like these, we should have something else to show off to you in the next week from Herb that will please all the Trog fans...

Keep 'fäustin...

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