Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Spitfyre Kickstarter Update II: Pledge Manager Live

The Pledge Manager is live now, on CROWDOX.

Please make sure to check your emails, you will have received an email from them asking for you to fill the Pledge Manager in! Make sure to check your Junk Emails too!
If you have accidentally deleted the email, I can send you another invite very quickly, just with the click of a button. 
Also worth noting that the Pledge Manager will close towards the end of February. Yes, we know that we said we would ship by the end of January, but we faaaar exceeded all expectations so we are now busting ourselves to try and get it to start shipping in March (for the Core set) and July/August for the Expansion set. 
There's a few points I have to make: 
1) We are aware that there is an issue with Erk pledgers being charged postage when they are just wanting a PDF. We will get this resolved as soon as we can! Basically, we need it to charge postage if you order any physical add-ons.
2) Ace Pledgers paid for postage through Kickstarter, so will not be charged Postage in the Pledge Manager, unless they opt for Split Shipments. 
3) You can opt for Split Shipments! This is an add-on you can select. You pay for this, in addition to the standard postage charge, to receive your Wave 1 (the Core set and/or associated add-ons) before your Wave 2 (Expansion set and/or associated add-ons).
4) We unlocked the Dwarf Storch straight away! It's added to the Bats over Torg-Baraz expansion for free, but you can also buy it as an add-on. 
5) We are offering both full flights and 'reinforcement packs' as add-ons. You can select an add-on pack to turn your free airbeasts into full flights. 
If you do have any issues with the functionality of the Pledge Manager, please feel free to contact the folks at CrowdOx, you can also contact us at, but it's actually more likely CrowdOx will be able to advise you! 
If you want to know something about the game world, miniatures, the actual product, etc - contact us on and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Just be advised we're a small team and it can sometimes take up to a week to respond to an email (sorry!). 
Production Progress
We're progressing very well, we have now made enough of the Kampfgeier to fulfil the Kickstarter with no extra add ons, we have 3D sculpted, 3D printed and started casting every single model for the Core Box and associated add-ons/freebies. Other models are progressing well with production too, namely the Hurrikane and the War-Eagle. Our sculptor, Darko, is back to work on the last few units for our Panzerfäuste Kickstarter (with the help of Heriberto Valle Martinez, of Märchen Studio in Mexico, who is also tackling some of the last units). We expect he'll get back to sculpting the last Spitfyre models fairly soon though. 
Once we have some of the castings assembled, we will get them photographed and upload some pictures (honestly, Steve is waiting for Rob to send him some from the Workshop!). 

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