Friday, 16 February 2018

Post-Kickstarter Update XLII: Marszałek-Trogi Swaróg and von Stalheim

Herb has finished sculpting Troglodyte Warlord Marszałek-Trogi Swaróg and we think you'll agree he looks like he'll give those invading Dwarves something to think about as he leads the brave Troglodyte army in the defence of its homeland.

Next up, exciting news for Gnome generals. Herb has started work on the much anticipated Gnome snail tank and Darko is close to finishing the Gnome Fusiliers Marins, naval troops who stand alongside the Voltigeurs against the might Dwarven war machine rampaging across the mushroom fields of Dûn-Nomin. Hopefully not too long until we can show you these.
Finally, not part of the Kickstarter but we thought you'd like to see him anyway. Herb has sculpted the legendary foe of Orc wyvern flyer Bogglez - Dwarf Luftbest handler Von Stalheim, posed consulting his compass as he tries to avoid enemy troops having been  shot down behind enemy lines.

This 28mm scale figure will be released when we launch Spitfyre after the Kickstarter fulfilment for that and will be perfect for Panzerfäuste.

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