Friday, 16 February 2018

Spitfyre Kickstarter Update III: Von Stalheim

The rulebook is now 95% finished. Dave and Matthew gave their feedback, Steve tweaked the document and this week DTP'd it for publication. The only thing left now for the rulebook is to include the photos and Rob has now sent Steve a pile of models to make up, paint and photograph!
86% of pledges have now been completed via the Pledge Manager which is great. Just a gentle reminder at this stage to the remaining 14% not to forget to complete it.
Finally, Darko has sculpted a 28mm scale model of Dwarf Luftbest pilot von Stalheim - the legendary foe of Orc wyvern ace Bogglez. 

Whilst he has no real gaming value in Spitfyre, he is a lovely model and will be released when we launch the game after the Kickstarter fulfilment which is getting nearer by the day!

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