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As our webstore is currently offline due to technical problems, can you please send an email with details of your order and address to and Rob will send you a PayPal invoice including shipping cost. Don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account you can still pay us with a credit card via it. Thanks.

The following codes are currently available for purchase. Illustrations can be found elsewhere on the website.


Panzerfäuste Unarmoured: rulebook, Dwarf and Orc infantry sections (£40.00)
Panzerfäuste Futbowel: rulebook, Dwarf and Orc teams plus Gnome ref (£40.00)

Grenadier Section (£25.00)
Grenadier Command (£25.00)
Grenadier Support (£25.00)
Straftruppen (penal troop) Section (£25.00)
Hauptmann Entwickler (£8.00)
Hogsnachtswatchmann (£7.00)
Zinnmann and techniks (£18.00)
Panzerbar Mk.I/II (£35.00)
Dwarf Futbowel Team (great for POW's) (£25.00)


Voltigeur Section (£25.00)
Voltigeur Command (currently unavailable)
Voltigeur Support (£25.00)
Chasseurs Gasterportes (snail cavalry) Section (£25.00)
Ghul Brute and handlers (£18.00)
Bakery (£25.00)
Mushroom Cottage (£25.00)
Snail Shell Cottage (£25.00)
Snail Farm (£25.00)


Infantry Section (£25.00)
Infantry Command (£25.00)
Infantry Support (£25.00)
Commando Section (£25.00)
Local Orc Volunteers (£25.00)
Sergeant Klaws (£8.00)
Fomori Brute and handlers (£18.00)
Matilda War-Wyrm (£35.00)
Orc Futbowel Team (great for POW's) (£25.00)


Zombi Section (£25.00)
Command (£25.00)
Support (£25.00)
Dwarf Zombi (£25.00)
Nezhit Troll Brute and handlers (£18.00)


Infantry Section (£25.00)
Infantry Command (£25.00)
Infantry Support (£25.00)
Gorale (Highlanders) Section (£25.00)
Ulani Cavalry Troop (£25.00)
Wojtek the Bear and handlers (£18.00)
Ruined Pillar (£30.00)
Watchtower (£30.00)
Hovel (£30.00)
Bunker (£30.00)


Infantry demi-section (£25.00)
Infantry demi-section with lmg (£25.00)

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