Sunday, 21 February 2016

Post-Kickstarter Update XIII: Zombi Dwarves, Zombi Troll & Skøgtroll

We're getting there! Promise! Turns out, the programme we're using for Pledge Manager doesn't support wave shipping, but we're working a way around it. We hope there will be something really very soon.

Those of you who have messaged us in regards to last week's update, thank you. This has been incredibly useful information. Rob has been busily casting miniatures, and we've had some great support from a few of our friends to help bump the number up a bit.

If you want to pick up at a show (for free shipping) or you want to have Wave 1 shipped out, please, please, please let us know roughly what you would like. Rob is going to start packing these orders as soon as he's got confirmation, so we know your orders are ready to go. That said, if you don't, we will do everything we can to ensure your Wave 1 still goes out before we start attending shows!

Right then, we've also made some fantastic progress in the last 2 weeks and we thought that maybe we should report on that.


Artwork has actually begun on the next campaign. Will Beck is starting to conceptualise the new races that will feature in the next campaign. Very exciting, but you won't see anything more on that for a good few months! On the other hand, sadly, the others have been committed to other projects and unable to deliver anything. We had hoped we would be able to share pictures of all the 'pledge level' characters before the Pledge Manager goes live, but that is looking quite unlikely! We'll do what we can to get them, or as much of them, or as much concept information made available to aid your selections.


This is where we've had a bit of a stellar time. Heriberto has been busy on the Zombie Dwarves, completed them and is now working on the Troglodyte Support. He also has a friend working on the Troglodyte Gorale. We're hoping to share pictures of these in the Pledge Manager for you, when that finally goes live.

The last 5 Zombie Dwarves, hope these are gory enough!

Troglodyte MMG Team (Poses)

Troglodyte Anti-Tank Rifle Team (Poses)

Troglodyte Mortar Team (Poses)

Obviously the trogs are all in WIP poses, just to show how they will be arranged around the weapons. Heriberto is working on these this week and has assured us it should not be a too difficult job to complete.

We've also had some progress on the Skøgtrolls from Alex. Here are the first of the Gevärstrupp... We hope that, if we generate enough revenue from these, we will be able to shortly release the other half of the Demi-Section. Alex is fairly busy, so we've not commissioned them yet. His Kickstarter for Troll Bridge starts VERY soon!

Work in progress...

Work in progress...

Victor is still chipping away at the Orc LOV. He's told us that he is quite ill, with gallstones, so we hope he recovers soon. Despite being ill, he's still made a little progress.

These are all T-Poses, made before posing. Still a long way to go on the webbing, etc. Victor is learning history from scratch, so it's a steep learning curve for him!


Bit of a surprise, we're going to not show anything just yet, but progress continues on the Demo Boards for our UK shows. We think they will be utterly awesome and the guys at Leicester Phat Katz are doing a fantastic job!

However, Steve has been doing a little bit of painting himself. This time on the Deathless Zombi Mountain Trolls (Vuoritroll) which will be available in the Pledge Manager and as part of the Wave 2 shipment!

Standard Zombi Troll (No Crew)

Kickstarter Exclusive Zombi Troll (No Crew)

Okay, well that's it from us this week folks. We'll be back as soon as we've got the Pledge Manager down and confirmed. Again, sorry for the delay, but this just has to be perfect.

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