Monday, 31 October 2016

We're Futbowel Crazy, We're Futbowel Mad!

As the first year of the Great Dwarven War draws to a close in the trenches of the Môn-Gerahnt Line, Orc and Dwarf soldiers settle down to celebrate Hognachtswatch. As both sides scoff their stollen or figgy pudding, some overly excited Orcs accidentally boot a futbowel across No Man's Land into the Dwarven trenches. Waiting for the expected response of machine-gun fire the Orcs are surprised when a voice calls out...

“Oi Orcy, doz youz fancy a game?”

Panzerfäuste Futbowel is a stand alone beer and pretzels game allowing you to replay the impromptu games of futbowel played in No Mans Land between the Orcs and Dwarves on Hognachtswatch. See how many goals you can score before High Command stops the fraternising by launching an artillery barrage and watch out for unexploded bombs when playing...

Panzerfäuste Futbowel will be released on 1st December 2016 containing a rulebook, 11 Orc futbowelers, 11 Dwarf futbowelers, a Gnome referee, 4 goal posts and a futbowel. The games normal RRP will be £50, but if you pre-order before 1st December you can grab a copy for £40.

As well as being used for playing games of futbowel, the figures can be used as POW's or unarmed troops in Panzerfäuste games and the goal posts as graves or objective markers. Additional teams can be purchased for £25, but if pre-ordered before 1st December will cost you just £20. 

You can pre-order Panzerfäuste Futbowel right now here.

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