Friday, 26 January 2018

Post-Kickstarter Update XL: Kret Bitwa 3TK War Mole

A treat for Troglodyte generals today, the Kret Bitwa 3TK War Mole!
The War Mole is a really cool addition to the Trog army and its ability to tunnel under enemy lines and burst out amongst its enemies gives them a big tactical edge in battle.

This impressive model has taken Herb some time to finish, sometimes translating a piece of concept art into a 3D model is not as straight forward as it might seem, but I think you'll agree he has done a lovely job here.

The model itself is a bit larger than we originally anticipated so we will probably end up selling them individually for around £18 to £25, but if you selected them in the pledge manager you will get your two for £22 as promised.

Next up for Herb will be the Gnome snail tank, this is proving to be a little problematical taking it from concept to model but we will get there. Darko is also working on something for the Gnomes.

Steve is still working on the Skirmish rules and hopes to put these to bed by the end of February.

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